Plants are dying (yellow leaves)

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    Okay, so it's been about a week since my first leaves began getting yellow.

    Now, a week later, this is how they look:


    Now, I was told that this isn't a problem because it's just the bottom leaves, but now..

    The top leaves are yellowing too!

    Look at this little tiny leaf.. it's yellow!


    Things I've tried:

    - I repotted them in much larger pots.
    - I fed them 20-20-20 about 5 days ago (1/4 teaspoon per 1 liter water)
    - I sprayed them with Epsom Salt about 4 days ago (1/4 per 1 liter water)

    I don't know what else to try!

    If it's not Magnesium deficiency.. what else could it be?

    Please help me!

    Thank you.
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    @[member="Track"], you're worrying to much, and instead of staying with the other thread, here you've went and opened another. What's wrong, was my diagnosis insufficient for you, or did you simply think I was is error, which?
    Your girls are responding to the nutes you applied, and while I think about it, how close to repotting did you apply the ferts? And, when you watered last, did you water through and collect the run-off and ph test it to see which way it's leaning?
    Honestly? I just didn't want to keep bothering you. It was time for a thread refresh anyway.. don't want to clog up one thread, especially when the problem is this severe.
    I don't have a pH tester yet. I will only Sunday, hopefully. I watered again today with calcium (from an egg shell), some more Epsom salt and 20-20-20. Well, I watered with the nutes and sprayed the calcium and magnesium.
    Then I left the lights off, and I will turn them on in two hours.
  4. Don't add anymore nutes until you get your meter, and when it's properly calibrated, run distilled water through or ph your water to seven and run it through and test the run-off. Plants are small so collect just as little as you can as it runs out, and test.
  5. Cut the nutes ph the water than Cal-Mg.  Your plant is like what 3 weeks old?  Yes the bottom leaves will yellow as the plants gets bigger.  Stop stressing it.  Water let it dry out COMPLETLY and water again.
    The end....
  6. Alright, well, I bought the pH test yesterday.
    Here is the result:
    From my point of view, it looks like 7.4-7.8. 
    Do you agree? And, is that bad?
  7. You need to bring the ph down to 6.5/6.8 Does the instructions tell you to wait so many seconds before you read? I have some strips that say wait 10 seconds, one batch says wait 20 seconds... I found that my results were best if I read the strip immediately after dipping. I came to that conclusion after testing the strips against my ph meter.
    How do I get it down to 6.5? I have lemon juice, but is that good or should I use vinegar?
  9. I use commercial phosphorous ph down on my plants, have used a bit of vinegar before but never the lemon juice.
  10. are girl scout cookie hard to root
    Yep, knew I had helped Track before, aye?
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    Seems like this guy is having some serious deja-vu.

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