Plants almost ready to harvest, HELP ME IDK WHAT TO DO

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BobMarleyBlazer, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. My plants look ready to harvest, but some buds are more machure than others, Could some one please give me a detailed instruction on exactly what to do. and when i hang them, how long do i do it for
  2. not to contradict XCLMR, but Ive read and heard from people that it is actually better to cut off the fan leaves before hanging the buds to dry to avoid a harsh chloraphyl taste. Ive smoked with a few grower of different harvesting techniques and I qould say this is true, the buds dry out denser and fluffier when they dont have the moisture comming off of huge leafs over them.

    Up to you though, my harvest will be ready in about a month and thats how Im going to harvest it. Good luck bud and gratz on your harvest :smoke:
  3. i always remove and manicure the buds as soon as i harvest.mmmmfinger hash.
  4. ye wen i harvest i cut off all the larger leaves and hang the buds till they feel dry and w/e then i cure em in a mason jar being sure to take em out wen i first start, once a day, then as time goes one u can wait a few days to take em out.. be sure to put em in differently each time to help with even curing
  5. quick question. do the trichs turn clear or cloudy first?

    my plants trichs are all milky white, and like 10% of all the hairs are either red or turning red.
    i was thinking i would harvest next week, but now i have doubt. is it ready now?

  6. 1. Put up pictures
    2. Its generally said to harvest when all hairs turn red or orange.
    3. 80% of the trichromes should be foggy
  7. Trichs start clear. From there they usually turn milky/cloudy and then eventually an amber color, although I've seen some great purple trichs before. Best time to harvest is somewhere between when they are half clear and half cloudy to when they are half cloudy and half amber. The earlier you harves the more of a head high you should get, and the longer you wait the more of a body stone. Most folks probably harvest close to when the trichs start turning amber, not much beyond 25% amber.

  8. awsome. thankyou!

    that is the kind of response i was looking for. i searched this whole site and couldn't find anything so straight to the point that i wanted.

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