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  1. i am on day 21 of my first grow using dwc. this is about 2 weeks since plants been in bubblers. i noticed one of the bigger plants went limp today. i didnt think too much of it because i am switching out that res tonight. then a few hours went by and now the majority of the plants are limp.

    the humdity got higher the usualy today around 65 percent. i switched out one of the res yesterday but left out nutes. after reading more on nutes i was gonna wait another week.

    i have a bad feeling i got root rot. i cant keep my res temps below 70. i seen some oange looking growth on one plants roots.

    my ph went from 6.0 to almost 7.0 in under 24 hours. i adjusted ph still need to test.

    so heres my questions-also my symbols dont work on this forum for some reason so i cant put question marks

    do i most likely have root rot

    will animal hair cause root rot

    cause humidity problems cause plants to wilt

    will starting a small amount of nutes then running no nutes cause plants to wilt

    is orange goo a sign of root rot or what looks like dirt on roots

    thanks to anyone who can help. i am kinda freaking out. i cant seem to find what i am searching for on net. if you need more info ask me what you need. i will try to get some pics up. i have a grow journal with pics of plants and a lot of info about my grow if you wanna check it out to better understand what i am working with.
  2. H2O2 in the res to kill any root rot would be my guess. You got root snot and have to get it under control.
  3. also the one plant i have solo is showing no ill signs. and i just noticed a curled up leaf with brown spots all over it on one plants.

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  4. don't grow hydro
  5. yeah your probably right. this project was too rushed and too under funded. the worst case senario i am learning stuff hard way. best case i get a couple females to harvest.

    i think i am gonna scrap 8 plants if they dont show signs of improvement in morning and take the 4 healthiest plants and put in individual 5 gal buckets.
  6. Are you flushing your reservoirs?? Those roots need to be cleaned if they are sitting in water with nutes all the time.
    IMO hydro sucks
  7. well i didnt flush exactly but i used an extra tote to switch water in res yesterday. i left nutes out. i thought i might have been using nutes too soon. i decided to add the nutes back because from yesterday to today thats all that really changed besides a little high humidity. i am trying to lower res temps by putting frozen 2 liter bottles of water up against tank but that may not work. the temp when i checked earlier was just over 73f now they are just under 72f. i also took some advice from topic page about disease and used a h2o2/ph water dip for a couple of the plants that had some clumps in the roots. i only tried a couple because i am not should how they will react. escpecially since i had not guidelines on how much h2o2 i should mix into water for the dip.
  8. Hydro can work out great for quality,... on a high budget, tbh just get some compost and do it the good old way
  9. well i at this point i am gonna try to make this hydro project work. i plan on going to the hydro shop later to get some hygrozyme. i also raised the water levels back to where they are just touching bottom of net pots. i think i may have lowred the water levels too soon and too much. once i saw roots in water i dropped water levels to about 1/4 inch under net pots. there is so many different opinions on water levels and most way have logic behind why so i just took a chance and raised the water.

    when i checked plants eariler some look better at a quick glance. hopefully i get my air pump before my problems get too bad. i got a 740gph/20w air pump coming soon.
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  11. Back the hell up !!! "get your air pump"... your running dwc without air?
  12. sorry i dont explain myself well sometimes. i have 2 air pumps for the 30 gal but they are just too small. so i order a 20w pump that will probably triple the air flowe. also i just got back from the hydro shop with the hygrozyme. gonna work on that then i will try to get pics of roots. alot of the plants perked up a little there is still a few drooping.

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