planting your seeds in compost mix?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jay-masta-splif, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. first of all, this isnt going to be a serious grow. this is expreimentation with a couple bag seeds. one of the seeds i have germinating is showing some good signs of developing roots, so ill probably be planting it soon. this plant will probably die, but im just growing it so ill have a little experience for next years outdoor grow. i dont feel like going out and spending money on soil when there is some in my garage though if this plant is only and experiment, so i was wondering if organic compost mix can be used for growing marijuana. i have miracle grow potting mix with the time release ferts but i have read that those arent very good for your plant and i want it to turn out good, even tho its an experiment. help?

  2. come on guys someone just answer my fucking question
  3. I would like to get some clarity on this too. Is it bad to put your seeds in just some soil mix or do you have to have soil that is unfertilzed?
  4. will someone that has any knowledge of growing please answer my fucking question...
  5. try not to be so rude and you might get a response.
  6. well its kind of hard not to be when i have 18 views and all three of my responses have come up with no answer, and two of them are my own trying to bump my thread....
  7. you said it's probably gonna die and you don't feel like spending the money anyways, so plant it and play with it. :rolleyes:
  8. first of all, u should've planted ur seed a while ago if it is developing roots now. As soon as you see the little white root sprout come out of the seed that is when you plant it. As for soil, if you want to be cheap just get some soil from your backyard. Seeds have all the food they need until they are a couple of inches tall, when the time is right to transplant, you can use miricle grow, i did and my plant is tall and healthy. As for the compost, I dont c how it could hurt ur plant unless it had undecomposed material in it.

    Hope that helps a bit,
  9. yes, it does thankyou. the seed hasnt developed roots yet, it has a tiny tiny bit of white poking out so i guess ill plant that tonight. thanks for the help.

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