Planting weed in quicksand

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Greenxtc, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. What if we started planting marijuana in quicksand(from a safe distance that is, so that we won't sink in it), just to trap DEA agents? :sneaky:
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  2. I'd think you'd catch more fellow stoners.....albeit thieves....than you would agents...:love-m3j:
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  3. I don't think quicksand would sustain growth.
    You'd be better off with punji traps, really...if you were so inclined.
  4. 8 messages in 9 years? ...Keep Them Coming ...Kid!
  5. It would definitely get enough silica! :D
  6. Hopefully you get the proper criminal charge out of it if someone dies or is injured. Weed is and will never be worth another humans life.
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  7. Not to you......or to me.........I wish everyone else in the world felt that way too......but $$$$$$$$$$ rules....
  8. Let the piece of shit gang bangers kill each other over it. I call that thinning the heard.
  9. :lmafoe:

    Well this didn't last too long.....
  10. Gang bangers aren't humans and productive members of society. They're useless pieces of shit.
  11. :(...................:RoorRip:
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  12. They shoot each other over bandanas and public streets that they don't own... worthless fucks. I'm a little biased, lost my cousin 2 years ago. Church going family man on a vacation with his wife and kids in a town they had never been in. He pulled off the interstate to get gas and lost his life in crossfire protecting his family. Gang bangers aren't humans, they're lower than pigs and cows. I've put a bullet in a lot of livestock. That's how we get our meat around here.
  13. I am very sorry for your loss....I hate stories like's a shame.

    Those "gang bangers" are just troubled kids/young adults...(mostly) who are lost in life and don't really have anyone to look up to in THEIR life......alot of them go to TERRIBLE schools...and sell drugs and rob to make money...because they can't.......anyway anyway ...they are just troubled people who need direction...get some positivity in their life...and they have a GREAT chance of changing
  14. Hmmmmmmmmm..quicksand weed..?
  15. Interesting question my man. For a second there, I couldn’t figure out why this turned to gang banging and nature vs nurture, but I think I figured it out.

    Life is quicksand. Unless you’re stuck in it, you never know what you’ll do to get unstuck.

    So... basically... if you grew weed in quicksand.....

    You’ll end up catching everyone.

    There are two things in that quicksand; drugs and opportunity.

    Everyone is blindly in search of both.

    Now all we need to do is figure out how to get oxygen to the roots the people can be the nutrients.

    P.s. Im disappointed this thing has been dead for a month

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  16. When you think you've heard it all... You kids never cease to amaze me lol

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