Planting Tonnes of Cannabis outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Drugs Bunny, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. So I have an idea. I might grow a mother plant and took about 50 clones off her and planted them all in the woods (I'd use google earth to find a seriously remote spot) and just come back every month or so.
    Anybody else done this kind of thing?

  2. The deer would love you. They chow down on cannabis.
    I had the same idea 30 years ago and my harvest was less than great, deer topped every plant several times.
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  3. Add lots of chicken wire

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    /\\ deer fencing isnt expensive can get like 7x100' for pretty cheap.
    but yeah OP im with you, i am looking for a spot currently but cannot find one.
    Use google earth :)
  6. yeah i did and though it took a long time i think i found a spot! it has little streams going through a grassy area with trees but lots of space in between. like 80% grass 20% tree. there's enough space for me to easily plant 200 plants. there's like 700-1000+ft to the nearest road or house. and with the streams i wouldn't need to water them. its hard to tell about the streams though with google maps could just be dirt.
    I'm probably going to find multiple spots as some as bound to be spotted
  8. yeah, i have now found 2 good looking spots.
    however i think the best place would be an abandoned quarry or mine of some sort. (no trees, no people, perfect) there are a lot of these it seems, i just dont know how to find one thats abandoned.
  9. I wouldnt grow on a abandomed quarry, if you get caught you could get done done for cultivation of an illegal plant and trespassing private property. Better off finding a nice spot in a public forestry or nation park.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. don't put more than 5 plants (i do two or three) per acre, don't plant in straight lines, and don't plant in the open.
    sometimes law enforcement will locate grow plots and destroy immediately, other times they'll try laying traps.
    try to grow somewhere you won't have to approach from the same direction every time you check on it.
  11. you think more than 5 plants, it would get spotted from the air? or why else
  12. yeah ill just stick to forests as i realized it would stick out from the air
    there are a couple of reasons.
    lets just say greedy people get whats coming to them in a variety of ways.

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