Planting the initial germinated seed into a DWC.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Brumac, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. After germinating the seeds, do I just place one inside a bunch of hydoton pebbles and place it inside the DWC? I have the mesh cup that you put the wool or pebbles, but do I plant the germinated seed just like I would in soil?
  2. get the seeds to crack and put them in a cube of rockwool. Once the roots poke out of the cube, put it in the basket. That is what I do anyhow. I also soak the rockwool for 24 hours before
  3. So, once the seeds crack, place them in a cube of rock wool, then put that inside the basket of hydroton pebbles? I assume the water needs to be rather high to catch the roots since they won't be that long initially?
  4. I dont put the rockwool into the basket of hydroton until the roots start poking through. I just make sure the rockwool doesnt dry out before it goes in the basket.
  5. So once the roots take hold, then put it in a basket of pebbles? Confused...:confused:
  6. watch the long video in my signature. it shows you exactly what to do

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