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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bummed, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. can you grow plants by just planting the seeds or is nature to rough to let them mature. Do you have to germinate and grow inside for a month for the plant to take. I would like to just put them in the ground and let it do its own thing but heavy rain and wind seems to tear them up.
  2. definitely germinate them first... at the very least... i would recommend sprouting them inside for at least a couple weeks, until they are stonger... however, it is probably not necessary, but i would imagine they would be healthier... i only have 1 150 watt HPS and a couple of floros, so when I germinated them, I used the floros and sunlight for veg state... i.e. i placed the plants outside for certain periods of the day to get more light... anyways, my plants are about 2 weeks from harvest... woohoo! ... i have 3, NL, Skunk #1, and Chrystal... looks like it is going to be around 300 grams total... which is fine by me... you'll get more growing outside though

    btw... i stuck all three seeds in a wet paper towel, stuck that paper towel in an open zip-lock bag, then stuck the bag in the cabinet of my computer desk (kept them warm)... that was the quickest germination i have ever gotten, 10 - 12 hours they were ready to plant

    - skedastik

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