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  1. If I plant seeds in soil without germinating them first will they still grow?

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  2. Possibly, but by germinating them first, you increase your odds of ending up with a seedling.
    I recently dropped 12 seeds straight in the soil without germinating them. I've watered twice since that drop, and of those 12 seeds, 2 have come up. I watered today as saw one of the seeds being washing around the top of the pot, yet to crack!
    Germinate them, then sew them.
  3. As FinerMarijuana said, germinating first with the paper towel method  increases the odds.  That said I often plant seeds straight into rockwool in my hydro setup.
  4. Just put the seeds inside a water glass! lol :lol:
  5. Yes, this is how I grow.
  6. As long as the soil is kept properly moist any seed that will germinate outside of the soil will do the same thing planting it in soil. Germinating outside of the soil does nothing more than assure you have a good seed before planting. If a seed is good, it will grow either way.
  7. It shouldnt be an issue with fresh seeds.

    Older seeds may need some help.
    ~ poke

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