planting seeds in september

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 70s, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. hey whats up gc. just a quick noob question. if i plant a couple seeds now at the end of summer, would the plant produce any bud before winter comes? thanks!
  2. you have to think of the climate your in. if you planted other plants outside right now would they mature in time before winter?
  3. hmmm, im not sure. but isnt it if you plant seeds they should bud in 65 days. if this is true than i should be good before some heavy frost hits, not sure though.
  4. New Jersey?

    Nope. You will not be able to produce any bud before winter hits...

    READ. READ. READ until spring. Spend this winter reading and learning about MJ and its growth cycle. Save your seeds until spring.

    Unless you are planning on growing inside... you could grow whenever you damn well please... but you still need to research.

    Good Luck and Welcome. :)
  5. thanks, yeah im thinkin of like havving a secret setup in the woods but in like a domain thing so i can use an indoor grow methad exept outdoors
  6. You CANNOT grow outdoors now. MJ is an ANNUAL plant that sprouts in the spring and dies back in the autumn. Driven by length of day.
    Save your seeds for an early start in the spring.

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