Planting seeds and walking away?

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  1. I live in growing zone 6a, and my plan is to purchase around 30-50 feminized, high-quality seeds, planting them in several remote locales that I've already selected, walking away, and returning to harvest. Is this a stupid idea? I know I'm obviously not going to have a large yield, but am I being overly optimistic if I expect 10-15 of those 30-50 seed-drops to grow to maturity?

    I already know the "basics" of planting...No clusters, plenty of natural light, good soil, away from people obviously...I've already got those bases covered. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever taken this approach as it seems to me the safest (legally speaking), and the most natural. My seeds will be top-notch, so there's no issue there. Any other tips anyone could offer me? One of the mitigating factors for me in this approach, is I simply don't have the time to constantly tend to plants, AND I don't want to risk the legal ramifications of continuously returning to certain areas to maintain plants throughout their growth cycle. I just wanna make a huge seed deposit in three or four different places, and come back in the Fall to see how I did....hopefully to find enough nuggies to pack my bowel for quite some time!
  2. wont work if u dont try! goodluck and welcome to GC. glad u did a little research first. make sure they are in a climate with enough water, something with a stream nearbar to provide ground water, or an area with a decent amount of rain.
  3. We get PLENTY of rain in this part of the country, so I'm not concerned about that. Drought is definitely never an issue in these parts. This area is very muggy, wet, and humid throughout the growing season.

    Any predictions on yields? Is that enough seeds, or should I plant more?
  4. there are a lot of factors to consider but it is possible. my suggestions is mix up a good soil with enough nutes in it to last the season there for you can plant the seeds and most likely you will have little to no issues.

  5. Make sure your genetics resist mold. Untended plants could develop mold really easily in your wet climate.
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  7. Not to mention pests like nobody's business. Also you may want to take get the long & lat of your spots so you can easily find them again.. you may get find yourself too busy getting high and forget you have a treasure trove of weed out in the wild
  8. I am planning a grow with minimal visits.
  9. Go for it. As growers, we tend to say "That wont work", because we pay so much attention to our plants. If we step back for a moment, we will realize that mother nature has been growing this herb for thousands of years. We have to do very little, to be honest.

    It is not unrealistic at all, and in fact, a very good idea.

  10. That sounds like a Good Idea! Is ACTUALLY should work but DONT expect a harvest from tha DANK GODS!
  11. 10-4 on the Lat/longs. Gonna have the spots marked on the GPS. Pests are my biggest concern, hence my apprehension on getting an exceptionally large yield. I just figured I'd do my best to counter that factor by dropping as many seeds as possible. This isn't a for-profit venture for me, so I'm really not too concerned about getting a massive yield.

  12. I figured that. Try planting them inside other shrubbery for added security too, or maybe planting them high up in a tree in their own camouflaged vessel--maybe that will help deter some of the insects as well as prying eyes.
  13. I hate being the wet blanket. I would present a scenario that gives your odds of relative success being equal to that of a snowball in hell. Let me explain the basis of my belief.

    1. In nature, the rate of successful germination for cannabis is 1 seed in 5000.
    2. Temperature is one reason for that failure rate. Cannabis germinates between 70-80 degrees farenheit. With your germination plan, you will be subject to the same failure rate as nature provides. You have no control over temps at all!
    3.While moisture for germination is critical, too much leads rapidly to rot. Drowning is the most common reason for a failure rate of 70% for natural plantings. You have no control over water/rain at all!
    4.Seed position: The 2nd most common reason for seedling failure is the seed being upside down with the growing tip emerging in the direction of the surface of the soil. It will curl around and go down, but it damages the growth capacity of the plant dramatically. The seed butt should be down if a seedling is to be healthy

    5. Ive seen the approach fail several times over the years.

    6. A quality seed is going to cost you $20 and it has the capacity to grow a plant worth 3000$. They are far too valuable to just toss onto the ground and walk away..

    7. You will harvest a much larger crop, if you buy 10 seeds, start them in cups and insure that they germinate and sprout properly. Then, plant them out/ one in each spot you talked about. Make sure and use some snail bait.

    You know what they say about opinions.....
  14. go for it! too many people are quick to say no that wont work, its a freaking plant, are other plants doing well in the area? then chances are youll have some shit to smoke at the end of the season, you might even get lucky and have more than you know what to do with:eek: i say go for it and never look back!:bongin:
  15. So spend $500 on 50 seeds that all could potentially die? I think not. What kind of investment is that? I like to have some kind of say on how my girls grow incase something happens. I dont like throwing away a quarter pound of dank because I was careless and put a perfectly healthy seed in upside down causing it to die.
    Why not spend $50 on 5 seeds (plus usually atleast 2 free ones) then another $150 on good soil and nutes...then spend a little bit of your time watering or at the very least just visiting to watch out for mold so it doesn't ruin an entire plant. I could almost guarantee a better yield spending less money and a little more of your ever so precious time, than your plan of just planting and hoping.
  16. I agree with what clodhopper said, if you expect them to sprout in the wild, your sevearly mistaken. Just buy 10 feminized seeds and start them in plastic cups. Once their bigger and more established transplant them to your spots. Transplanting established plants outdoors helps with the survival rate.

    Now you just have to worry about deer and other animals, insects, catipilars, mold and mildew, soil ph, ect. IMO if your going to toss seeds out, use bagseed and check for males around august (if anything grows)
  17. Please do a grow journal

    Wouldn't you be better off putting clones out in the wild? Maybe have a mother plant and then send the babies out to a new spot each time? At least that way it would be cheaper. Then when your ready you can throw your mother plant outside too.
  18. It really comes down to what risk you want to take (risk vs. reward). If you're not into gardening, or don't have the time to sprout seeds, nurture them until they're big enough to transplant, or you don't like the risk of messing with plants, then try dropping seeds in the ground and see what happens. Most good growers don't mind the risk because they enjoy gardening - the anticipation gets you pumped up. To me that's where the fun is. But I understand that isn't for everyone. Keep it simple - do what's comfortable for you.
  19. I like this, the bud at the end is of course a nice reward, but just growing them is what I really enjoy.

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