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  1. let's say i have some seeds. if i put them into the ground, would there be any chance there would be something good sprouting up from the area? and would it grow enough to get something out of it? saying i planted right this moment, somewhere in rural MN.
  2. I read on GC that one dude got about 2 ounces when he planted on July 1 in a cold area up north.
  3. I remember reading somewhere that people will plant late (around now) in order to keep the plats small.
  4. Never know, go for it :) germinate them though.
  5. Don't expect a giant bush of a marijuana plant, but you'll get a a plant with a smaller yield.
  6. and what would be a projected yield? how much would the effect be compromised as well?
  7. you cant just plant seeds in the ground and expect to get anything. you need to germinate them properly start them in a smal,l container... or at least amend the soil youre planting in

    if you properly start plants now you could still get 1-4 oz per plant depending on how nice you are.

    Id recommend reading alot
  8. im in mn and i planted mine on 4/20 indoors then moved em out like 5/10 and they're about 2 feet and full of leaves, you could still plant now you will realistically only get about an o a plant.
  9. there is plenty of time to get a big bush, as long as you have good sunlight, the right soil and water.
    and you don't need any special type of germination, dig the ground up, make sure soil is good, if it is bagseed, throw a bunch in and they will come up esp now that it is warm.
  10. ive got 6 auto flowering plants outside now, growing fine at the moment.
  11. It sounds like you havent researched this at all. You cant just get bored one day and expect to grow outdoors by planting seeds in the ground. You can obviously get a harvest it just wont be as big. It would be worth it even if you got an ounce or 2 ive seen people post some insane prices for ounces on this site hopefully your not one those unlucky people who have to pay a wopping 200$ plus for an ounce.
  12. i didn't think i'd be condescended down to this....but.....

    so what if i didn't do any research? the seeds are from cali, a friend shipped them to me, he's a mmj card-holder. and they're white widow seeds. not bagseed. i had and still have qualms about germinating, because i've read that the seeds can be killed. i don't want to err on the side of danger for the little things. we have the most fertile soil in the area, and hardly anything doesn't grow.

    anyway, to counter another wrong i may have done, but when is the optimum time to plant outdoors? can i get a rough calendar date?
  13. ^ the earlier you plant the bigger they will get before they start to flower in the fall.... meaning the more budsites= bigger yield.

    so to answer your question, start them now

    your first post sounded like you have no background in growing.

    youre right that seeds do fail if improperly germed which would not do those medi WW seeds justice.

    do the 2/1 paper towel method (2 pieces of damp but not dripping paper towels on the bottom....the seeds....1 damp paper towel) in a plastic container.

    after the seeds tap root is about 1/2-1 inch long put it into party cups filled with a mostly peat soil. "seedling soil" as its often called is what you want. promix is good or just mix some peat moss with some perilite and dirt from the ground.

    make sure its airy and loose.

    dig a lil hole and put the seed taproot first, into the ground maybe 1/8th to 1/4 inch of soil over it. and give it a VERY little water right on the seed to insure contact with the soil. put all the cups in a mini stoarge bin or put a plastic wrap over the top to maintain humidity.

    I like the clear sterilite bins they work good as mini humidity greenhouses and dont give full sunlight which is good for young babies

    after they develope their first round leaves remove cover for good (unless nights are still cool) wait for 2 weeks then dig some holes and plant em.


    WW is delicious, make sure to watch bud rot and mould WW gets that cause of all the resin

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