Planting outdoors right after germination?

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  1. Since my spots are quite far away from home and I think it'll be kind of difficult to transplant there, plus I have nowhere near outdoors (garden is too open etc) where I could expose my plants to a little extra outdoor weather before I transplant them - so I'm thinking maybe my best bet would be to plant them straight outdoors right after germinating in a cup/paper towel.

    Is this is a bad idea? (I'll most likely be planting them in the woods, so I'm not sure if that exposes them to lots of threats from bugs etc, this is my first ever grow, aside from one with a single seed where the plant died in the first week)

    Also, if I have 12 regular seeds, how many can I expect to germinate and survive normally? What about if I plant them straight outdoors?
  2. I tend to plant right after germination as well. As a matter of fact i have 6 outside as we speak and germing about 12 more. They seem to be okay, just make them a nice soil bedding. I planted 10 seeds, got 8 to pop, and am down to 6 atm. It's all luck of the draw with some good parenting when it comes to the popping, fertile life, and harvest.
  3. i would be careful.... i lost 5 plants to ants or something and they were 4" tall with a set of true leafs.
  4. have a quick question. Had about 9 seeds in a cup over night germing. When I lightly tapped them they slowly dropped to the bottom. Is this alright? I plan on letting them sit another day to see if they grow a root. Let me know if I'm good to go or not
  5. yeah theyre good droppin to the bottom
  6. i had about 20 seeds that didnt germ so as i dropped a germed one in a soiled cup and also scraped the useless non germed in with it........13 sprouts came up in it lol. the seeds were in the water for 3 days. just bag seed.
  7. So you have 13 sprouts in a cup... spread them out to different cups or they will get root bound/tangled and more than likely die.
  8. I'm so glad you asked this! I was gonna ask the same! I just planted 4 lil guys outside the other day and have 6 more germinating. Kinda worried nothing has popped up yet and I planted them on tuesday. Ha this is my first grow so i'm prob. just being impatient, cant help it though! :)
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    U lost 5 plants to ants?! I have 6 White widows next to red fire ants nest, witch I am not too glad about. What's the best way to get rid of the with out damaging my plants??.........

  10. I just transplanted them into 10 gal containers ...the ones the ants got were directly in the ground. Mine were carpenter ants.I dont know if the red ones would eat them or not but they are ants lol! if your plants are in the ground i would not use chemicals that are applyed to the soil. Once they get big enough you wont have to worry to much about them...youll have other things to worry about lol!! ;) GL!!
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    Ok mate, I didn't think they would do any thing. But wen o saw what u put up then, I had to ask. And yh there in the ground. Thanks......

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