Planting lemons?

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  1. I made some juice outta some lemons and thought about germinating some seeds and went 'fuck it!'. I did some research on germinating lemon seeds and went for it.

    So I placed one seed into my germing box (plastic container with water in it, a piece of styrofoam wrapped in paper towels, good moisture; works for germing chili seeds at least) and planted two directly into potting soil after washing the sugar coat off. One of the two planted seed casings was already open so it has a better chance of breaking the soil. But only if I'm doing this right.

    Does anyone know whether a 250w metal halide is good enough for the plant to handle? Also should I apply the plastic wrap for moisture on the two planted ones?

    Can I also use alternate soil mixtures like potting soil + perlite + vermiculite? Or any mix of these three substances..
  2. my grandpa, when i was a child germinated a lemon seed. he kept it in the window with indirect light. it grew into a small tree and bore fruit several times. however the fruit was bitter. lemon and other fruit trees are usually grafted . root stock , to top stock. this helps control tree size in commercial operations. your tree should grow fine under 250 metalhalide.
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    Seedlings don't need a ton of light. Keep them 2 feet away or more from the MH bulb until they are 4 inches or higher.Then move closer to the light

    Also, use perlite in potting soil mixes, not vermiculite. Perlite adds drainage and aeration
  4. Thanks for the information you guys, much appreciated ^^ I'll ask more questions and show any results, depending on whatever's going to happen with the project :p
  5. I think lemons are going to grow into a descent size tree, are you fully prepared for this?
  6. Sure, mate! Besides they grow only as large as their root space can allow. ;)
    The Summer is coming and I'll plant some of those smaller chilis outside just for the sake of experimenting & gardening.

    The lemon tree won't be a priority of anytime soon, since it takes several years to develop any kind of fruit. :p
  7. Well I'll be damned! Guess who sprouted two days ago! :D
    She's the first one I planted by germinating in the "raft box" and definitely shows success.
    I planted two seeds directly into soil, they haven't sprouted (yet?), there's another one in the box and she's already growing a root. :hello:

    In review, if someone wants to create a similar method of succesfully germinating apparently any seeds, I'll be glad to explain.

    Grab a plastic container like a cookie box or something, you'll need a tight, opaque lid for it too.
    Fill up some water in there, 2-3 inches is good. Take a block of styrofoam and wrap it with paper towels. Place it in the water and let it drench. Pierce lid with a couple of small holes for air ventilation, preferably in the corners so that no light can shine directly upon the developing roots, as this would encourage them to rot.

    Place your selection of seeds on the raft, attach the lid, be patient. ;)

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