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  1. I wil be 10 plants outside in 5 gallon pots next week. I'm using lightwarrior soil mix to start the seedlings and will finish in fix farm ocean forest. Temps will be between 80 and 100 degrees and humid. 12/12 days will begin on September 22. I'm just wanting to know how tall I should expect my plants to be.
    Strains are Buddha and power plant. Both sativas
  2. Im interested in this thread because i am in the same situation you, i am wondering if because i am planting quite late if it will dramatically reduce my yield?
  3. That humidity you mentioned may bring on mold. Check daily. Good luck!!
  4. Same, right now but I started them a month ago they are already pretty big, I'm doing ppp as well an honey b
  5. I know they won't get big. I'm just looking to get about 3 ft before September 22
  6. oh yea, you should hit 3' no problem. where you at? 
  7. I know they won't get big. I'm just looking to get about 3 ft before September 22
  8. Around Houston
  9. they'll start flowering way before sept 22 (12/12 is used for indoors only). Outdoors, in your area, at latitude 30, the longest day, june 21, gets 14 hours of light and then it decreases so they will probably flower around beg or mid July depending on the strain. So you got 1.5 months tops of veg time left. How big they get before July directly depends on the hours of direct sun they get. You can, if possible, keep them in veg for much longer (as much as you wish) by adding indoor light  (to keep them above 14) at the end of the day or before. Or next time start earlier cause your veg limit comes fast. They will be almost finished flowering by Sept 22 depending on the strain (flowering lasts 2 months about). They can get pretty big in 30-45 days veg time but they'll need max sun and a fair amount of soil (30 gallons per plant is good if you got the direct sun to fill up the pots), if not 15 gallons will be enough. So it depends on the sun mainly. With 10 hours of direct sun they can grow to 5 feet in 45 days and yield 4-5 ozees. With 5 hours, it'll be 3 feet and a couple ozees.
  10. It's in direct sunlight all day and the sun here is pretty intense. I'm just hoping to get at least 3 ft outta them. I've got good soil and nutes. I've grown before but indoors. I just don't have space for 10 plants inside.
  11. if they get all day sun they should finish at 7ft in 45 days and yield about 6 ozees
    if you can't bring them in to extend their veg time they will flower around mid July due to your location and be ready 2 months after that.
  12. Sweet Jesus yes lol
    If I do them in 5 gal pots instead of the ground how much would that effect size
  13. I'm in the same boat on starting late,except I'm going to be planting a auto that harvest 8  weeks after germination.Been way to terrible weather wise here to do any spring planting. We just got 4 inches of rain between Saturday and Monday. A lot of corn and bean farmers around here don;t even have their fields in yet.............. and after the weekend there is a lot of replanting to to do.
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    It will greatly effect the yield (like cut it in 4!). You definitely will need at least 20 gallon pots (being in a pot is fine as long as the pot is big). You need several factors: sun + decent size pots (or holes)+ an airy soil mix (peat based or promix or FFOF or Sunshine mix etc...)+ gradual nutrients for seedlings (don't burn them or they will be stunted for life). 
    Yeah it's a crazy year over here in Europe as well. Old timers say the oceans are so cold that they don't allow for the anticyclones to settle in and see Summer. Apparently, it could be a "summerless" year lol, with 3 days of cold/rain, then 3 days sun/warmth. Shiiiiit! Looks like the big yields won't be here this time around. My plants are still vegging indoors, no use to take them out as it's crappy weather, it should clear up in a few weeks... Anybody else witness shitty weather in their neck of the woods? See you guys
  15. Could just put them in pots and let them grow and then once they show signs of male or female then dig the holes.
    And when I dig the holes, would 2x2x2 with a 6in mound on top suffice?
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    Yes 2x2x2 is enough
    however it's best to give them max root space after a few weeks before sex appears
    if you peel your eye, you can see preflowers at weeks 5-6 and then place them in holes but this will correspond to flowering proper too due to your location
    using holes won't add much yield or size considering you won't have much veg time to fill up the space whether in pots or holes
    I'd use a 5 gallon pot for 2 first weeks then place them each in 20 gallon pot or holes and then cull out males. 
    you cn also use 1 bigger hole or pot (50 gallons) and place 4 plants in it and then cut out males. 
    the idea is to give them max root space in the shortest time
    if you wait too long for them to sex and then place them in holes, they won't grow much more as they'll be flowering
    good luck
  17. I think ill just dig up 2 big holes each 6x6x2.5 and place a plant in each corner and one in the middle
  18. The weather here in spain is no way near as good as it should be! :(
    that may be overkill but why not
    Imo, considering the time, 1.5 feet is plenty for depth
    then 4ftx4ft in width is plenty for 5 plants (same placement as you said)  
    yeah I don't think I've ever seen such weather in my whole life, it's like March weather right now and no changes in the forecast, insane!
  20. 2x2x2  is roughly 60 gallons. Thats a huge improvement over 5gallon buckets! And it is the minimum i would suggest!

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