planting in a hole on an incline...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BeachSpliff858, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. also known as a hill. its not too steep, and is covered/protected by two felled trees that fell "down" the hill...will rainfall wash my plants away? i am planning on digging the holes beforehand, and transplanting an establish seedling or two to the can i plant on an incline? with holes? or is supporting some 5gallon buckets in the ground the better way?

  2. i'd cut the bottoms off the buckets and plant in them so the water cann wash away ur plants as easy
  3. How steep is the incline, if other vegetation gets destroyed by the run off of water I'd just stick them in pots until they are about 3 feet tall and then stake them up to make sure they don't get washed away. I'd also just make sure the soil drains well before deciding to put them into the ground, otherwise sticking them in pots would work, transplant them from the 3 gallon pots to 15 or 25 gallon pots if you plan on going that route.
  4. I agree. As long as there is good breeze and sufficient sunlight. Planting on the incline should yield good results.

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