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  1. Me and my friend are starting our first grow and have about 10 bagseed. We are building a nice size grow room and are ready to get started. The problem is that we don't know if the seeds are male or female. So a couple of questions.

    Would it be a bad idea to plant like 3 of them at the same time? I'm worried one might be male and pollinate during preflowering.

    Also if the 3 shared the same water and nutes would this create a problem?
    We are going hydro and in an attempt to save money I want to take one of thouse tubs with the lids and cut some holes in the lid and plant them their. I'm worried that because they are bagseed and share the same tub of water and nutes they might act differentntly.
  2. Sharing the same water will not make them act differently, it is the plant its self that will act differently (legitimate concern) They could be different types that grow differently, different flowering periods, different heights and so on. If the water contains all the proper nut. they should all grow fine not uniformed but fine.

    bagseeds, you never know what you are going to get, I would start more than three, for a couple reasons, first it would suck to grow only three then find that they are all males, you have a 50/50 chance but that is based on the overall seed production of the single plant that the seeds came from. Not a mixed bag of seeds. I have done 10 and got 9 males before and then 10 more and got 7 females. Currently I did 4 and three were males. and that was on bought strains from a seed bank.

    doing more will give you greater chances at girls if you do 5 lets say the odds of you getting one female is higher, worst case you get all girls and now you can pick and choose the best for cloning.
  3. It's fine if you plant all three of them together, you just have to kill or move the male(s) at the first signs of sex before they even make pollen.

    Idk bout the rest, good luck man!
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    Is there a chance that growing them all the same time will cause the females to pollanate (if some are males ) and ruin the crop ? Or if I just remove the males the day they show signs would I be alright ?
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  6. Just remove the males as you described and you should be good.
  7. males should show sex a little earlier than the females giving you a chance to oust the males as soon as you see them.
    growing three mixed sex plants in one tub maybe be a problem if you do find males. if your area is not big enough you might get roots from each plant knotting with each other. you would have to be very gentle when separating them from each other.

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