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Planters Natural Peanut Butter for firecrackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HeaDiEs RusH, Jul 29, 2012.

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    *I tried searching "planters natural firecrackers" and the search results turned up absolutely nothing, so I'm assuming this question has never been asked before.*

    I unexpectedly found some Planters Natural (Creamy) Peanut Butter in my pantry today and I instantly wondered whether or not this supposedly natural peanut butter could be used to make firecrackers. I understand that firecrackers work best with natural and organic peanut butters, but the reason I ask this question is because Planters "Natural" Peanut Butter says, right on the container, that there this is "No Need To Stir."

    Now, I was under the impression that a defining characteristic of natural peanut butter is it needs to be stirred because the oils in peanuts naturally want to separate from the butter. So, is this planters "natural" peanut butter simply a marketing ploy or is there really something natural about it which, in turn, allows it to be used for firecrackers?

    Side Note: I am not necessarily going to be making firecrackers in the near future and am simply asking this question out of curiosity. Also, I can offer more specific ingredient/nutritional information if it may be relevant.
  2. The fat content in any peanut butter alone is very lacking, especially for the amount of 1 tablespoon, you would be wasting a lot of potency if that's all you used, add a dab of high fat butter (maybe more if you're making a large batch) and maybe a bit of higher fat cooking oil like coconut oil but anything is better then nothing (or.. just plain peanut butter)

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