planted two annapurna super auto and 2 automatic bublicious

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Rainmanush, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. as above planted them about 3 days ago now and im just lookin does anyone have any info at all on the annapurna?
    or on lightcycles for the plants?
    im a caring daddy of my babies:) so i dont want them streching:)
    also this is my fourth grow so im no noob:)
  2. hi iv got 2 auto bubblicious and they never text after 33 days so i had to put them on 12/12. other people have had this problem as well i emailed the place were i got them from and they sent me 10 regular bubblicious seeds for the hassle so they know some of the auto bubblicious are not autos wen they should be but they are new brand so they should sort it out soon
  3. alrite so after 33 days the bublicious went mental?
    they seem fast growers already
    any idea of yield on them?
    any ideas at all about the annapurnas?
  4. Youre gunna crap your pants fellas. Annapurna is a "super auto" because it isnt crossed with a lowryder strain. You can clone the super autos. Which means you can keep that lady going. Now for yield, roughly 70-110 grams indoor under optimum conditions. give the annapurna at least 95 days.

    I was chatting to Stitch (the breeder) on :)
  5. Currently growing annapurna super auto...what's the proper light cycle for this strain in flowering? I know some auto flowering strains prefer 12/12 and some just love as much light as you can give them. Is annapurna a slow flowering strain? I know it's 70% sativa...but mine is very slow...still got a month to go though, so I figured it will take off any time now.
  6. Fluffykush: shes still a new strain to play with. So not many people have tried it. What ive been reading is there are hermies galore but i also read of very very perfect crops.

    Whats the current cycle you have it on right now?
  7. I vegged her under 18/6 cycle and dropped it to 16/8 once she started to flower under an HPS lamp. She's been flowering for a month now. Lots of bud sites and all. Just a few days ago she barely started to show crystals on leaves around the buds. Still got a month to go, so I think the buds will start to swell up soon.
  8. How many days are you in since they poked from the soil? because they say try 95-110 days.
  9. It's been 55 days since the seed sprouted. So I still got a little over a month to go.
  10. Well then I'd suggest giving it a bit longer until you start worrying. I know 30 days seems like nothing, but you'd be surprised to see how much can be done within such little time. They might just be in between veg and flower, so a week and a half tops I'd give them before I start to worry any farther.

    Also, how developed were the pre-flowers?
  11. This is where it's at right now

  12. How tall are you're little girls there?
  13. It's just 1 plant. It's right around 3ft.

    Is this plant supposed to be a stinker? At this point the aroma is faint. I do love what I can get out of it though. A very light fruity smell. Almost like dried cranberries.
  14. Then it should be a success.
  15. i was thinkin of ordering some of these annapurnas to have in the room with a normal grow.

    i know this is an old thread but im still curious as to he she yielded and what the potency was like from your experience

  16. ive got some of these but what do oyu think for time if im grow in a 20" inch area and only veggin 2 weeks or 3 probaly am in a dwc tho

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