Planted today...i need help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Rampede, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Ok, well i live in a trailor park. And i wanted to grow but my rents said not in the house...and i cant smoke pot for a month so i'm like im bored so me and my friend wentr into the woods behing my house and found this like crater in the ground and its surrounded by tall thick bushes so we planted. lol yeah and then we heard peaople and then we saw them lol. they where on horses and didnt notice us so were good and my friend arent going back there till first frost and then we are gonna harvest at 3:00 am that night

    Is there anything special i should do or should i let mother nature do its work?
  2. Someone wanna help me out here?!?!

  3. wait, whats ur problem???

    edit, oh if you mean the growing process ofcourse you should help it. the biggest would have to be watering. if you noticed it hasn't rained in a while, check soil and water if needed. Im organic and dislike ferts so i cant help you with that. also, if theres a LOT of vegetation around it you may want to clear it out so it doesnt interfere with roots/sunlight later.
  4. no not allot of vegetation, just surrounding it..theres a g00d 20x20' circle! lol. So, i have to actually water it? SHIT lol...yeah well umm...fuck lol. i thought the rain would do it for me :(
  5. wouldn't that depend on where you live and how much rain you get?:rolleyes:

  6. Lol, i live in michigan and its spring so it rins allot

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