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  1. so i germinated my seeds and planted them today i’ve made sure to keep them moist and in the bathroom of my house. i was wondering where they need to be and with no advanced weed growing equipment what how do i just grow them in my garden? and will they smell? and should i power feed?

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    Your past the vegetative stage lighting for outside and something like this will be required.
    Only June and July have long enough hours of light per day to veg under. By August 1st the daylight hours have shortened enough to trigger flower.

    It never freezes here in Southern California so I can grow outside year round but it takes some effort to fool the plants into thinking it's mid summer.
    This applies to photoperiod plants. Autos are a different game as they flower with age not light change.

    If you live in a frost-freeze zone you really don't have enough time to get it done before winter.
    Give us a bit of info on your zone and winter temps and we can give better advice. General location is enough.
    Los Angeles Ca.for example.


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