Planted seeds but where the fuq are the sprouts

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Walnut932, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I see the shell of the seed but where's the sprout??
  2. When did you plant them and in what conditions?
  3. Planted three days ago germinated..I'm in florida
  4. thats weird? U germinated and made sure they cracked with a lil white root? Did you make sure that white root was facing down and not up and u only buried the bean like a fingernail deep?
  5. Some of the time, the shell of the seed will be covering the top of the sprout that is coming out of the ground. They will continue to push the seed shell up out of the ground, and it will fall off when the first leaves unfold. Dont know if this is your case, but if your shell made it out of the soil, something is growing at least a little bit. Three days seems a little long to me for it to take to get out of the soil, but mother nature doesnt always follow what we think to be the perfect timeline.
  6. i normally put the seeds straight in the soil (i make my own germinating mix) and it sprouts in 2 days time
  7. So you're saying you see the shell just laying on top of the soil and no sprout to be seen?
  8. Yes it's jus there on the soil..I put the tap root facing dwn not even that deep into the soil but there's nun growing
  9. I've had this happen before when I first started growing. I actually saw the sprout barely brake surface and then gone in the next few days. I found out that do to my over watering, my soil had larvae/gnats. Those little fuckers ate the roots and that thing just rotted away.

    So make sure you're not over watering and check your soil for larvae/gnats.

  10. He's totally right on that shit, my buddy that shit happen to him too, something straight out of the fucking twilight zone

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