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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Traxx187, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. so today i planted outside to see what happens letting nature take course just 2 small seeds i had just a test to see if anything happens could anything happen?
  2. Well yeah, you put the seed in dirt...they are designed to grow there. Stands to reason you should get a plant of some sort.

    Problem is the timing on it, solstice was yesterday and we are now loosing daylight again in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. It will have to grow and begin flowering at about the same time, so you will get a couple of short fat single cola plants if they make it.

    Did you ammend the soil you put them in at all, cannabis grows best in decent dirt.
  3. Yeah dude. Weed is... well... a weed. It's very hardy. It will grow with very little help. Now, weather or not it will survive all by it's loansome, and the quality... thats where you step in.
  4. Yea I had soil Laying around and planted them like I said I just wanna see what happens

    yea these were just seeds I had layin around I already have the set up for growing indoors this was just a test :)
  5. edit: i went to look at my spot cause i got a shit load of rain i went and bam it flooded i was like wtf so i lost those 2 seeds but i didnt really care as they were test seeds
  6. flooding? I don't know about that... keep your eye open around the area you planted, they may just turn up.
  7. I bet u will see a seedling in bout 5 days
  8. soon as they pop the slugs get them if you do nothing.
  9. Oh man well I'll keep an eye out
  10. Just out of curiosity since i havent began growing yet...If he had started them indoors and forced them quickly to flower...or let them veg indoors a bit before transferring to get them "on schedule" would that work? As i may be trying this...
  11. this is what people do yes but we have had very crappy weather and yesterday there was still light outside and it was 11 pm?

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