Planted my baby outside

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  1. Hi everyone I planted my baby outside in a pot in some organic soil and she came out lopsided will it straighten out as it grows or will I have to reposition the plant so the plant itself is straight [​IMG]
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  2. Never mind guys originally what had happened is I burried the seed upside down and a little too deep in the soil I left the sproutling in the sun for a few hours after replanting it in the middle and after I came home I saw this :D it seems to be standing fine on its own. The plastic you see is a homemade greenhouse, I made it from a cola bottle just cut the bottom off and place it in the dirt over the plant [​IMG]

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  3. image.png See the one stretched out?

    Lights need to be closer to it, it's "streaching" for light I had one do that same thing. It was in too much shade.
  4. Thanks

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  5. Ok so I got it prettyy close to the lamp, lil plant is like 2-3 inches away from the bulb and the rim of the pot is just where the base of the bulb starts. The plant is developing nicely, its second set of leaves are actually now the size of its starting leaves and people keep telling me what they think my plant is gonna be a girl and im hoping they're right hahaha

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  6. Nice! Definitely post some pics of it as it grows.

    I hope mine are girls too lol
  7. [​IMG] nice close up of the leaves (this was taken last night)

    [​IMG] woke up today and flipped on my lamp and saw this one just chillin kinda shocked I took it outside and it got stormed on pretty bad but its now standing taller and has a better colour than it was and had in this pic, should I put that plant deeper in soil cause its stock is pretty long and im scared it'll just fall over

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  8. image.png
    This is the one that stretched after I transplanted it.

    Yeah you will eventually want to but for now it's best to leave it alone.

    You don't want to mess with them too much when there that little.

    I used a paper clip unfolded and stuck in the dirt to hold mine up when it stretched and then when I transplanted it I buried it deeper.
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    [​IMG] just took this pic of the plant i put a mound around it to help a little bit, but look less than 12 hours of sun light and its second set of leaves are actually coming out haha im very surprised with how well this is developing, cause for a while I was sure it wasn't gonna even get this far along
  10. [​IMG] the second set of leaves are very nice now and seems as its doing a lot better than before

    [​IMG] can anyone explain whats happened with this one, its blade leaves have extended a tiny bit away from the first set of leaves, should I be concerned???

    you just gotta ♥ that bud!
  11. Nice everyone
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  13. Here a candy cane

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  14. Here's a purple haze
  15. It didn't post the pic

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