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Discussion in 'General' started by choppahed, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I planted just one seed in a small flower pot today. Hopefully, it'll sprout then I might just have a chance to keep myself up in smoke from now on.:)
  2. :( one plant aint going to do it,, it may turn out male,,and youd be wasted all this time with no other plant to fall back on,,,, best to plant 5 at least 2 may be female,,,;)
  3. and then take the strongest female of the 2 and make her a mother of INFINITE CLONES!:devious:
  4. me an my bud were tokin in the park (it was a safe place) and he pulled a seed out of his sack so i stuck it in a hole and covered it over.

    i know theres a 99.9% chance it wont grow, but we laughed about it anyway.

    plus, funny if it did sprout :D
  5. Me and a friend put a seed in some dirt in a cup and it sprouted. His uncle came by a few days later and goes oh whats this and threw it in the woods lol
  6. :D haha that is awesome... keep us updated if it actually grows :hello:
  7. I just want to see if I could grow something. Ain't to worried either damn way.:rolleyes:
  8. I've got a bagseed sitting on my desk...I was pissed when I found it (even crap mids here are usually seedless and this stuff wasn't quite crap, not wonderful either) but now I'm going to go read through soem outdoor growing shit, and just plant 'er somewheres for fun.
  9. it will grow but someone will most likely have it pulled the second the leaves resemble marijuana
  10. i wish where i lived had a lot of open space. I'd totally just plant seeds here and there and check on it every month or so.

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