Planted 200 seeds that grew into marijuana vines

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LFLove, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Yeah I grow as well man, it just looks like a weak cannabis plant stretching for light, but it could also be cinquefoil, as I said before I wouldn't be smoking any of that shit lol

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  2. It's not weed, good luck with your strawberry's.
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    As long as we agree it aint marijuana were on the same page.

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  4. Those are bomb ads hops. Make beer.

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  5. put down the crack pipe.
  6. I have had a fantasy for 40+ years to develop a cannabis strain that makes a vine like morning glory or kudzu. With gene splicing this should be possible. Talk about a guerrilla grow! I'm going to speak with the botanists at LSU and see if the gene has been isolated or extracted from a vining plant like hops. Another option would be to dose several generations with hormones. Have any of you advanced growers out there experimented with this? I would love to collaborate with another crazy person with too much time on their mind.
  7. None of your MJ seeds germinated; seeds that are broadcast and not planted correctly rarely ever germinate.   The plant is a wild strawberry, not virginia creeper, not hops.  MJ is an upright growing plant, not a creeping ground cover and will never grow in a vine-like habit.  Vining genes are not going to be spliced into any other plant by anyone on these MJ forums unless the poster has a multi-million dollar genetics lab and working knowledge of DNA splicing.  Nothing but novice pipe dreaming.
  8. It is if I want to grow tomatoes and a hemp pops up. LOL! define a weed for me.
    Also while an annual MJ is from the nettle family, most of which are weeds only because they sting or are poisonous.
  9. That would be sooo totally kool, and it would budd way faster.
  10. others but some dont reach some just stay hella short wild guerilla grow thats how i found out .way too much shade no water too

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