Planted 200 seeds that grew into marijuana vines

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LFLove, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Throw some smiley faces in there to indicate your joking.
  2. racks on racks on racks. got racks on racks on racks onracks on raacks
  3. im interested to see what this is. Post a picture you will get alot more responses.
  4. oh yeah ive had the same problem before ;) ;)
  5. Virginia Creeper.
  6. its ivy weed
  7. haha haha some dumb as fark peeps in here boi. haha i used to be young too. Virginia creeper dog. You roll a joint and smoke it but you dont get high until the next time you smoke. thats how long it takes to creep . haha comes in some differetn forms google image it. [​IMG]
  8. no but really my weed plants are doing this too. it's really strange! i have photos, though. somebody tried to tell me that it was wild strawberries but it definitely isnt. 
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  9. Looks like wild strawberry if its viney

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  10. No matter what that aint weed, good luck on the harvest. Lol

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  11. brizarro - on your first post with pictures, the second picture, see the node the leaf in the bottom right is coming out of?  That looks like a strawberry runner to me.  They send out vine-looking runners, and those nodes grow leaves and then grow roots making a new plant.  You're right, though, that the leaves look wrong.  I usually expect 3 leaves on strawberries, both domestic and wild.  Whatever it is, it isn't pot.  The leaves are too fat.  A quick google search makes me say +1 on the Virginia creeper, though.
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    It obviously is cannabis just because its not high grade marijuana doesn't mean its not a cannabis plant, the leaves being wide would just mean its indica dominant and it is probably growing like a vine because its stretching for light. Its not poison ivy poison ivy look completely different to cannabis, but yeah dude your not going to get much out of that plant I doubt it looks weak and very stretched

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  13. thats not cannabis
  14. What is it then bruz?
  15. some variety of strawberry or virginia creeper, but all that really matters is its not pot, we know we grow. Lol

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    That's so strange because I bought cannabis seeds and planted them there :/ and there are only 2 of them and shit haha

    Kinda disappointing but oh well! Thanks

    Edit: I finally looked up Virginia creepers and I don't think that's what they are either. I'll keep looking for other plants that it could be.

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