Planted 200 seeds that grew into marijuana vines

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    I recently decided to plant 200+ seeds outdoors in a secluded area for them to just grow without maintenance. I didn't care very much, whatever happened, happened, and hopefully I'd get a few blunts and save some money. The seeds were collected over the course of a year from all different kinds of legitimate marijuana -- every single seed planted was marijuana. I planted them a couple feet apart.

    It has been 6 months since I planted them, and the place where they were planted is absolutely loaded with at least a hundred vines with hundreds upon hundreds of marijuana leaves. There's nothing else except vines with pot leafs growing off of them. No other plant structure is even growing, just vines and potleafs. So many of them it's not even funny. There are no buds anywhere to be found - just these plants all over the ground at your feet. The size of the grow area is probably around 1500-2000 square feet and ALL OVER THE ground these little viney pot plants are just chillin. (EDIT: Also, it is extremely obvious that the plants are the result of the seeds, there's almost no doubt in my mind. It would be an absolutely incredible coincidence if these plants just happened to look like this, so isolated and obviously looking like marijuana, and grow in this location/arrangement)

    So I sincerely ask the intelligent folks of GrassCity, what the FUCK happened?
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  2. its not weed
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    It is extremely obvious that the plants are the result of the seeds, there's almost no doubt in my mind. It would be an absolutely incredible coincidence if these plants just happened to look like this, so isolated and obviously looking like marijuana, and grow in this location/arrangement.

    EDIT: I've been checking up on my little farm ever since I planted them, and I watched these little weed-like vines sprout up since I planted them. They are from the seeds, I couldn't imagine any other possibility.
  4. Must not be any sunlight in the area at all. But usually the plants will stretch and be real tall and thin not short.

    You should post some pics.
  5. They are real tall and thin, they just don't stand up. They lay on the ground and look like vines all over the place with potleaves on them.

    That's what I was wondering, though: could a lack of sunlight cause effects like this? Because they are sort-of in the forest and I was wondering about that. Would a lack of sunlight cause all of the plants to be extremely petite and weak, laying on the ground like vines, with just perfect leaves all over? The sets of 5-7 leaves are around the size of one's hand or palm.
  6. Well it is possible for a plant to grow sideways so mayb there wasn't enugh sun n they just searched for light on the ground like that. I wanna see these post pics
  7. pics or it didn't happen (;
    no really, i'd like to see. never heard of anything like that before.
  8. I'm with you
  9. I Third this motion. I really wanna see never heard of a plant naturally growing like that.
  10. I set 20 or so seeds in the forest last spring, they did not work out great at all because I never prep'd the area well. With horrible lighting conditions and not tossing the soil enough, my plants either did not sprout or were very thin and lanky.

    After checking on the area though, I too noticed lots of these vines that had what looked like marijuana leaves on them. I knew it was not pot though, I'll try to get some pics up and maybe you can compare. It had also never occured to me they were the result of my seeds.

    They were very vine like, wrapping around branches and pretty much anything it could get around, and it led to one huge root. There were no pre-sex signs or anything else that would make me think pot besides the leaf structure.

    So concerning your grow, were you very familiar with the secluded area you planted in? perhaps you did not know everything that grew in the area? You can confirm yourself by walking deeper in the bush and see if you can find more that resemble your findings...
  11. its japanese maple. lol. just a guess.
  12. i suggest you post some pictures or you wont get much support from the grasscity community. stoners usually want to see it to believe it
  13. its poison ivy.
  14. It's weed planted in no sun in native hard clay soil.
  15. Pics please!
  16. dude i have the same thing in my yard looks like weed has the leafs some are big maple looking leafs and other are weed leafs and it has buds with amber looking hairs on it but the thing tht gets me its not straight up like any other plant u would see. if i can recall a rabbit bit it up when it was a baby i thought it died but then i notice a few months later shit grew and then month later i see reddish purple buds on it so im like fuck yea. but now every time i go to it the thrones on the vines are like making me itchy. now i kno most of yall goin to say its poison ivy or somthin of tht nature but. you show me a picture of poisoin ivy tht has 5 - 7 leafs on it and grows buds and has weed hairs on it then ill believe u and some will say well show me a picture. i can i live in a place were its not legal so not trying to take tht chance. but yea please help him and me.
  17. This thread was nice and dead. Sorry to say that nobody is buying this without pics.
  18. Whats the best site to order seeds & whats ur fav strain
    thanks 4 the help
  19. i have the same shit grpwing and i know its bud it has to be bcuz theres seeds in it. do u live in or neer virginia? fauquier county?
  20. could it be ornemental hops perhaps?


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