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  1. This is my new plant and she is herm..
    who knows what da strain is this

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  2. 2

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  3. 3

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  4. Hermaphrodite in 100%

    male flower

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  5. She was in mix seeds.
    It must be one with that:
    -5 way
    -Passion#1 (Amstel Gold)
    -Purple Star
    pleas answer

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  6. Hi, I`m brazilian, and would like some new experiences, of you Buds !
    Write to me , please !
    You can send me pics , draws and , so...

    And Hip Hip , Hemp !!!!!!!!
  7. you choice wrong man
    I'm beginner grower. In grasscity are many others people who are better growers, ask them for help.

    Have somebody would be able to propose what variation is this? plisssssssss
  8. good looking plant so far. peace
  9. Actually , nevermind what variation is this

    it's taste GOOD

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