plant yellowing during flower

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  1. Some of my plants are yellowing all over on the leaves. Should I increase nutrients or leave them alone?


  2. that's normal during flower.
    as i understand, it stops sending stuff to the leaves and focuses on bud production. woo-hoo! :D
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  3. I think that one in particular is probably a bit hungry. Just repot into something a bit bigger with some fresh soil and you're good to go to flower. They do shed during the last 2-3 weeks of flower, but it looks like your plants aren't quite far enough along to be seeing that yet. If that particular plant has been in the same soil for many many weeks, it's probably just a hungry plant. If you're a new grower, it would be easier to repot that to mess with mixing and feeding nutes....IMO. We repot ours all the way through their lives if they need it. You just let them dry out really good....dead dry. Tap around the pot and the bottom to loosen it from the pot, and the whole thing will come out in one lump. Have the new pot prepped and ready and just go from one into the other. Water it in and put it back under the light and you're done. A good grow soil will more than finish them for you. If your plant hasn't been in that soil for a long time then you've got other issues. But looks like a hungry plant to me. TWW
  4. I agree and was just about to ask how far along they were.
    I don't think i would try transplanting during flower but that's just me. it's like they have to hit the clutch to shift gears and it slows 'em down on me in veg.
  5. They were put into flowering on April tenth.
  6. so that's what... weeks 5 now?
    it sure looks more yellow than the others and probably is a bit early for that as tww said.
    i would do as tww said and feed it a bit more.
    and some cal-mag would help.
  7. how often should I feed it cal mag?
  8. I incorporate it into every feeding.
  9. thank you all for your replies, it's been really helpful
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  10. My plants are about 2 weeks from harvest and they are full on yellow. Just think of a tree nearing winter season, all the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. It's natural, just a sign of aging

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  11. Can you post your room specs and fed, age, water source all those details?
  12. also... I don't know if it's right but i feed supplements like that proportionally to the base nutes.
    ie: 50% strength base nute dosage = 50% supplement dosage.
  13. Funny, I switched my current plant to flowering on April 9th and I had the same problem a week ago. A few upper leaves started to turn pale green-yellow exactly like that. They started to turn a bit more green over the next couple of days on their own, but then I gave them some nitrogen via GH Floramicro in the next watering and she looked completely green and perfectly healthy a few hours later. Yours might just need the same thing.
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  14. My plants have done the exact same thing. They need nitro. Raise your GH micro or whatever your nitrogen component of your feed schedule is by 1-2ml's a gallon. Many people will say that when a plant needs nitro the lower leaves yellow. IMO this isn't always the case it depends on plant growth stage and lighting. I get yellow on top when I cut nitro. I get it on bottom towards the end of the grow. Yours are not yellowing because of being close to harvest. They should still be very green.

    My plant was as bad as yours or worse a few weeks ago. After a water change and a few days of increased nitro healthy color came back.

    I think people tent to underfeed nitro quite often in flower and maybe don't realize that the plant may even consume more nitro then it did in veg especially during the first 3 weeks of flower. That was one of the main mistakes of my first few grows.
  15. Update: I walked into my grow room and I noticed 4 or 5 little bugs flying at my hps grow light and bouncing off the glass. I don't know if they are fungus gnats or fruit flies, does anybody know a really effective solution or a way to get rid of them and kill them off?
  16. I have been using a spray: safer brand yard & garden insect killer. i get the gnats and while it works well, i usually only spray the soil with it so i just ordered some of this stuff to try. haven't got it yet.
    Growstone Gnat Nix! Fungus Gnat Control, 2-Liter | eBay

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