Plant yellow, why?

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  1. K so I'm low stress training my plants and my stems are super thick they are all around healthy but the leaves are some what light yellow and a somewhat curling under I will post the picture and I'm just wondering if anybody can give me advice on what's wrong I'm using Sensi seeds A and B nutrients and I just bought boomerang from Fox Farm comeback solution because of the yellowing plus the guy at the shop said it would get the salt out if that's the problem because I was using mediocre dyna grow nutrients that SUCK so when I got the awesome new nutrients I went a little overboard I think. I am using pH of 6.0 and I have a fan with a 400 HPS light with ballast in a grow room what is wrong??? Please help

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  2. They look a bit too dry and like they have nutrient lock out. I would just give them fresh water at the 6 ph you have been using and see what happens.
  3. Are you sure it's not over watered?
  4. Could be, just looks dry on top.
  5. Only you know how much you have actually watered them. If you're fairly new and feel like you've been over watering, you probably have.

    The kicker is that if your locked out you need to flush, but if your overwatered that could be more problematic.

    I'd watch em for a few days and if they get any worse I'd suck it up and flush.

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