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Plant won't start growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cottoneye, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hello, I just started growing the plant we all know and love, but I've ran into a problem. I've germinated and planted a seed, and it won't grow whatsoever. I ordered some feminized northern lights off of nirvanashop, they gave me some freebies so I'm just trying to get it right with them before I use the good ones. I put it on a 20/4 light cycle, and used potting soil (picture below). I use 60 and 20 watt lightbulbs, and they add up to 2100 lumens. I put them right up to the soil but it dried up so quickly so I put them about 2-3 inches away from it. Does anyone see any problems? Thanks for any support. :eek:

  2. Make sure the soil is nice and damp, then cut a soda or water bottle in half, spray/mist the inside of the bottle, and put it over the cup. Keep it in a warm (80-90F) place until it pops up through the surface of the soil, assuming it's still alive. The bottle will help trap moisture until the seedling sprouts.

    After a day or two, remove the bottle and keep under the light with a normal veg light cycle and temps/humidity.

    What kind of bulbs are those? You want 5000-6000k CFLs for veg. Hard in the pic to tell if those are CFL.
  3. Alright I'll try the water bottle tip, and yeah the room it's in is pretty hot from the lights. Yeah they're CFL's, here's a picture of it with the lights off. The one bulb is at 2700K and I don't know about the other one. I have other CFL's that are 6500K but only 40W and 550 lumens so should I hook that one up to into my setup too?

  4. That soil is going to cause you nothing but issues. It is poorly drained and has time release nutes which are a big no-no. A seedling doesn't need any nutrients for the first 3 weeks of its life. Do some reading on suitable soil mixes, and transplant ASAP.
  5. The soil looks like it's too strong for the seeds. You don't need to use nutrients for about a month, so it looks like you might have overpowered them.

    Just water and good quality soil, that's all they need to get started. And light/warmth.

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