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  1. I have 2 plants in my garden which refuse to flower. They are 2 out of 4 remnants of my 1st run which was flipped on Jan 3rd. These 4 are still i my room for the same reason, when the other plants responded within 4-5 days of flip....these 4 decided to be different and not even so much as show sex. 2 of these 4 are currently in their 3rd week of flower production and I can't tell you what has changed that they've now decided to produce. the other 2 are just there....continually growing being topped when necessary. I've heard of clones responding better to the transition to flowering than their donors and so I've taken some clones in hopes that they will indeed have a more favourable response.

    I would still like to know why haven't these plants flowered and why after over 2 monthes have the other 2 decided to finally start producing.

    I have no light leaks, my lights are on timers so no spontaneous light interference and niether are they on too long. I'm flowering using a 11/13 schedule. These are otherwise fairly healthy beautiful plants.

    Any insights, experience and outcomes, suggestions etc are welcome.
  2. give them 3 days of total darkness
    NEVER happens in nature
    they'll think the sky is falling and flower GUARANTEED
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  3. Lol

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  4. the other 2 have decided to sex as soon as i decided to ask for advice....i'll try this the next time i have any issues like this but thanks for your input...................I'd still like to know why they behaved like this. My new batch I put in my bloom room 4 days ago is already showing sex.
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  5. Just some funky phenos probably.

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  6. ^^^I guess so....they're from Jamaica so I'm thinking that in terms of genetic heritage they're so accustomed to the outdoor life that they're finding acclimation to indoor environs challenging.....the ones at wk 3 smell similar to juicy fruit chewing gum....I've grown from these same seeds outdoor last yr so I know they're performing on point now that they've gotten started.
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  7. 36 hours of total darkness should trigger them off

    good luck
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