Plant with Problem?!

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    400 watt MH/HPS combo
    general hydroponic flora nutrients

    This is my first grow and the plant is about two weeks old and I think it has some problems. I cant tell if its nute burn or just not enough nutes? Also I just got the plant under the 400 watt MH today after having it under two CFL's for the first two weeks so that could be a problem. I really would like to know what the discoloration on the leaves is. Sorry that the pics arent too clear but the leaves have a brown/yellow spot on the tips and the newer leaves have a dark green/brown spot on the tips. Check out the pics and tell me what you think. Thanks

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  2. What strength is your nut mixture at? 100%, or less than that? Have you checked the ph? Also, what height is your light at?
  3. The light is about 20 inches above the top of the plant. I didnt have a pH tester at first so the first weeks water had a pH of 8, but the water for this week has a pH of 6. I also just switched to the full strength veg for the nute. I think the pH might have affected absorbtion of some nutrients but im not sure.

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