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  1. I got my plant (Grape Ape) as a teen. I set it up in a 5 gallon bucket hydroponic system. It was growing healthily for about 2 weeks. Yesterday I noticed the leaves were wilting and today they're even worse. I'm definitely not under watering it. I have the plants on a 12/12 LED light. They're about 9 days into flowering. I've been using organic fertilizer 2x / week. If anyone has any advice/tips it would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. Do you always leave your bucket lid off like that? Water temps? PH? What do the roots look like?
  3. Yea I leave a gap like that and have two air hoses with rocks at the end. Not sure about water temps. Inside air conditions are 30-40% humidity and ~83-85F. pH varies between 6.0-6.5. The roots only just started to appear out the bottom of the pot, they're white though.
  4. You should not let water get to your root zone or resovoir water as light will cause bad bacteria to grow. Fix this immediately. Drill holes in the top of your buckets or run the lines through the net pot into the res.
    Did you recently put the plant into that bucket lid? I don't like to use that style net pot. Cause of how big the pots are, the roots don't get to the water as fast.
    It would help if took some pics of the roots.
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  5. Here's two pictures of the visible roots coming out of the pot


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  6. Man that plant looks thirsty as fuck to me o_O lol or maybe you somehow stressed the shit out of the roots or something...

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  7. It's not getting water.
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  8. I would put in a top drip ring and let her go. She needs water nutrients badly.

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