Plant wilting 3 weeks into flowering, PICS included

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  1. The plant in the pictures has had about 9hours of light per day and has stretched a little bit due to being in the shade for the last 3 hours of sunlight. It has begun to lean the last couple weeks and im about to put a stake in the ground to help keep it upright, here on out. My question is and you can see it in the picture, that it is starting to wilt pretty badly thoughout the whole plant. This is most more than likely having something to do with the roots. It isnt getting any water pressure throughout the plant like it should? My idea is that from the constant leaning and the wind pushing it back in forth it has pulled some of the roots out or stressed them out enough to lose some of their function. Also the soil is moist not overly wet and i have found some grubs in the soil close to the roots.... which pisses me off miracle grow potting soil always has bullshit in their soil. Anyway what do you think could be causing the wilt and what can I do please look at the pictures and give me your ideas... Thanks much.

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  2. The plants in a pot that would usually only make a plant 1/3 that size, so ide imagine them roots being 3x rootbound, and it also looks over-watered.
    Getting it in a much bigger container would be my main concern, and making sure you let the top of the soil dry out 2 inches deep (water every 3-4 days).
  3. Agreed. A bigger pot is a must. Try one of those large bins that they sell at department stores
  4. Hey bro, you may want to check you PH level... you want it to be between 6 and 7. Also one fella said it looks over watered. How often do you water? The wilting could also be chased by not enough water.
  5. yeah ph level is good 6.5, I usually check to see if it needs watered by picking the bucket up or just putting my finger in, if i feel moisture i hold off... It rains quite a bit here though thats why im confused it seems to have enough moisture to not be wilting.
  6. Are you going to transplant them into larger pots?
  7. I can get a little bit bigger bucket, but i can't get an industrial size bin... haha im trying to be some what incognito.
  8. You don't need anything bigger than a 15 gallon pot I'd think. I've got three in my backyard and they're doing fine. Not quite that tall, but there's plenty of room in the pots for them to get bigger.
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    Does it perk back up at night? How hot is it?

    I do not think it is over watered. I see no claw foot leavs really. If it was over watered you would see the claw foot in the leavs.

    Has the plant always been droopy in the heat? Or has it just started doing this.

    Depending on your answers, I would say you are root bound as well.

    When you change pots mix is some Perlite in your new soil. This wil get air to those roots and give them room to move a around.

    Yep I say root bound. The plant is green and no yellow really. So I say your plant just simply cannot grow right for the roots are out of space.

    Also is that two plants in the same pot? Or just a stake?

    Staking will never hurt. Just put your stake close to the pot edge so you do not cut the tap root will putting your stake in the soil.
  10. It hasnt been all that hot here lately so i dont think its the heat. Its not over watered, i definately at this point think its the bucket size so im going to move it into a bigger pot and see how that goes.
  11. I've got a 2.5' tall 4' diameter girl in a 10 gal pot and she's bound but she'll stay since she's in her 6th week of flowering. I'd love to switch her out as I'm sure it would have helped her develop bigger buds but too late.

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  12. Nice looking plants your definately getting close! Yeah you could have used a bigger pot but i think you have to switch a little before flowering to get that little vegatative growth to allow more bud. I hope transfering it into the bigger pot helps me. Grasscity is always quick to post intelligent anwsers, thats why i always post in this forum. Thanks for all the postings!

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