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  1. Ok so earlier on I posted in this thread about my lady getting big which caused me to worry still does...However i managed to raise my 150 hps light above cola and I got it to where I can keep doing that but only for another foot maybe i never grew this female before because I creates her from 2 different breeds so I got no idea what to expect I worry mid to lower leaves won't get enough light as upper canopy will I got no Scrog screen and I tied cola down once but I failed to get it to train down so now I'm stuck with a couple options unless someone has a 3rd option my 2 options are 1 leave it alone 2 cut top cola but a side not on the she is about 5 weeks into flowering any ideas I got pics of her plus I got pics of my next generation grow I could use feedback from 1500927437916.jpg 1500927445095.jpg 1500927451325.jpg 1500927457286.jpg 1500927462975.jpg 1500927469320.jpg 1500927477897.jpg 1500927486386.jpg

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  2. It looks like it's done growing by the bud development, I would "lolipop" her asap (basically remove the bottom 1/3.) Either way with 150 HPS I would expect most of the bud to be airy and not dense, that amount light is'nt really suitable past veg. Good luck
  3. Also, what's up with those small plants? You're flowering in Dixie cups?
  4. Oh ya lol the Dixie cup ones are experiments I started from seed from 12 n12 going to finish i never vegged them and the others next to the cups themselves where born in cups but planted in big container to let roots get more room to stretch I topped both the girls in the cup to create 2 main colas... anyways I got maybe 2 oz of dry from my 150 hps light last grow only used fish tank water.. I always try new stuff looking for better ways

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  5. So when you say remove the bottom 1/3 you mean trim off excessive lower growth and fan leaves to allow upper canopy to get more energy and focus for the budding stage

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  6. That would be the definition of lolipopping. If you're looking for a "better way" try experimenting with a better light, it's the hot new thing everyone is talking about on the forums, just keep it on the DL.

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