Plant turning light green at top, yellow leaves + brown spots

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  1. Hi first grow here, at first my plant was doing fine but now the top of the plant's leaves are getting lighter to yellow, almost stripy green-yellow. Some of the leaves are getting brown spots and some of them half of the leaf is turning yellow while the other half is fine.

    I'm sure I didn't overwater. At the beginning I overdid the nutes so I have cut back for the last few weeks, could it be a deficiency of something?

    plant is about 5 weeks old, grown in soil, 400w HPS lamp

    thanks :(
  2. [​IMG]

    The pic isn't that good, there's a lot more of the yellowed leaves on the other side of the plant and it looks worse in normal light. :/
  3. help please :(
  4. it looks like old damage from the nutes.wait a couple days if it keeps gettin worse then its most likely a defieciency try something with a balance of nitrogen and of luck and nice plant:smoke:
  5. what kind of soil did you use. Then i could help you more. Fill out the soil type, pH, nutes u use with the regimen, etc.

  6. it's just generic soil for growing things like tomatoes..

    I have no idea on the pH lol, it's probably a bit high since i dont change it but the water isn't that hard here

    i haven't nuted much, only a little when it was smaller and the plant reacted badly to it so i didn't try again

    i fed it some nutes + epsom salts with the last watering, hopefully it will get better soon as growth seems to have really slowed down
  7. it's getting a lot worse :(

    the top leaves are all curled and yellow, and the yellowness is spreading to the rest of the leaves in blotches

    it's not heat damage either

  8. if it was my plant, i would back the light up about 4 inches and just give it regular water, no nutes. If it doesnt look any healthier is about 4 days after that.. idk what to tell ya.

    EDIT: The way your leaves are textured, i would back the light up 6"

  9. I moved the light up, thanks :eek:
  10. what's the temp/humidity?
    distance from the lamp to the top of the plant?
    back off the nutes for a little water with normal water maybe raise your light and increase circulation, a little more about your conditions always helps
  11. It is more than likely ph or nute lock out.
  12. id definatly say high pH causeing phosphorus lockout. This has happened to me once and it killed my plant... that sucked, anyway. Stabilize the pH with acidic water. First get a pH meter and water your plant with pH'd water (at about 6.5). You can drop the pH down using lemon juice or vinegar to this 6.5 level from your ( i assume) 7-7.2 level. Then once you have a watering pH of 6.5 water your plant a bit and check the pH of the runoff, adjust the watering water's pH until you get a runoff of 6.5 from the bottom of your pot. From then on try to use water with a pH of 6.4-6.6 to keep it stable.
    However, test your runoff pH every watering. Use the same method as above, add a little water check the pH and adjust accordingly. Sometimes soils can become more alkaline over time since nutes and salts build up in them (especially in high nute situations). Hope that helps.
  13. Hey I was about to post a thread but I found this one,I have the EXACT same problems but with only half of them light colored and all have necrotic spots.
    I am thinking about flushing and then adding nutes,I have logged the ph for every plants as well as heights and moisture contents before and after feeds.

    If you want to see pics of the problems with mine and the similarities,I am trying to find the best diagnoses I can,just to ensure the health and safety of my Babies.

    Thanks and heres the link for a more detailed downlow and pics
    I am having the hardest time diagnosing my babies,please help green thumbers?

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