PLANT TROUBLES! In need of some help please!

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  1. Alright guys, just want to start off by saying I am a beginner to growing, and this is my second grow, so please don't roast me for what you're about to see! Thank you, lol!

    So, I germed two of nirvanas mystery seeds about a month ago. Once they popped I threw them in a mericleGro seed starter soil. Had them both in a solo cup and they were looking real nice. This past Saturday transpotted them into 1.75g pots with organic soil (something cheap from Walmart, but it looks much nicer than what I did my first grow in before). The pics I am posting is how they look now. The one that was looking the best is now completely wilted with spots on the leaves as well. The other actually doesn't look too bad, but the leaves tips are about burnt now, and the edges of the leaves are curling under. I will not, before transpotting, I put some kelp powder in with the new soil and it's the first time I did that. Not sure if that is the problem but I just wanted to note it.
    Anyways, in need of some help here, anything is appreciated friends! Thanks!

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  2. I didnt read ur info sorry bout that. Which soil did u use?

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  3. Problem probably is the Miracle Grow..It has time release nutes and is not good for Cannabis. (the reason for the nute burn on your plants)
    I like Fox Farm soils, but many others are out there. Google or look here (GC forum search function, upper right)

    BTW: Perlite for proper drainage is a must..I even cut the FF soil 25 % Perlite..NOT ANY MIRACLE PRODUCTS!!!
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  4. In addition, your little stem is way stretched..indication of poor/weak lighting.. is a great learning site for everything weed related.
  5. Gotcha, since im not using the MiracleGro any more, will my problems reside with time? I will post the link to the soil I transpotted to at the end of this reply. The main plant I am worried about is the one bent over, is there any saving that? And yes, I hear the importance of Fox Farms, I just gotta find it around me. At the moment though, I do have FF Beastie Blooms Fert, but it is probably too early to start using that right? And yeah man, my lighting isnt the best, using three desk lamps atm, one is pretty strong though, actually had a decent grow with the three on my last grow. Havent been able to change or invest in the lighting though cause I am still a college student, and dont really got the space to at my place right now.
    This is the soil i transpotted into
  6. Soil is not good for ur plant i think. I always use bio biz light mix

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  7. Hmmm..Have not seen that one..Look at the contents..If it says TIME RELEASE ANYTHING..the soil will continue to release nute til who knows when..Besides, MG and Scotts are owned by Monsanto (also GH..I only use their PH UP/down) ..Monsanto is the home of Genetic manipulation and I boycott them!!
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  8. Okay gotcha bro, thanks for the help. Do you think one or both of the plants I got up are lost causes now? Or is there still hope?? Haha
  9. One seems like it will the other well, plants are pretty resilient so give them what they need and they should bounce back

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  10. Okay, so should I just let them go for a little, and they'll recover?
  11. You just need to sing to them for 30 minutes each night before their lights cut off.

    Like everyone else said you need better said... what type of lighting are you using?
    P.s I would go as far as taking them out of what they are in and brushing as much away as I can before transplanting into a proper soil... google fox farms store locator and look up stores carrying their products locally.. tends to be a lot cheaper than online and it's good soil... I'd recommend either fox farms ocean first or fox farms happy frog.. mixed with a generous amount of perlite.

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  12. Noted. Thank you my friend.
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  13. We can't get fox farm here in Toronto well not easily. If you can't get it locally and don't want to wait for it to come in. Go pick up some good organic pro/mix soil. Any home Depot or Lowe's will have it, Add 20% perlite to it.

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  14. its says on the walmart soil/potting mix .it feeds for up to three months ,,so what ever you do ,,dont feed it any nutes ....its a hard type of potting soil to work with cannabis because of time release nutes ,,,,mac,
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  15. I see I see. I just flushed the one plant, probably going to flush the other. The plant that was wilted over is starting to stand back up as of yesterday. What should I do with the real damaged leaves? Should I cut the ends off that are completely burnt?
  16. Just leave it as is, don't stress it. Let it get back up to 100 and then if you want cut them off or trim them

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  17. Is there a certain brand perlite that you prefer?
  18. Nope..Just any Coarse perlite with NOTHING added..I bought a 4 cuft bag of very coarse "Sun Grow" brand for $6 at my local shop..(I know, very cheap) I also prefer Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed w/ 25% extra perlite (already has some in it) Same shop is very cheap for it too..$13 for 1.5cuft!
  19. Cool man. Bought a big bag of ffof recently, gonna use it for the seed I germ, I'll have to check if it gots some perlite in it already. Didn't know if you preferred something in general for the perlite itself

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