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    Hey guys. I have 2x green crack plants in veg. 5gal pots, automated watering setup. Growing under 3x 288 lights. I decided to start watering 2x a day for the last week or so. I’ve had some much more growth. I had LST a few weeks ago and my plants had grown. I ended up pulling out the pins and moving them right to the edge of the pot and branches. To get more light in.

    Should I tie them back more?

    My plants have some branches hitting the walls should I trim the branch shorter so it don’t hit the wall?

    How much longer do you think I should veg?

    And I have a fair few fan leaves can I defoliate a few?

    Plants before re pinning them down.
    C561373D-E842-4219-B85A-9C30BE18D80E.jpeg 26174946-4EA1-4934-80AE-378BBB6DA8C2.jpeg A3E1E7F9-5F2D-474B-BF0F-77AD3769497D.jpeg

    Plants after. You can see branches hitting the tent should they be pruned? Fan leaves?
    A22AC80D-61F6-478F-90B2-096F0CEAADEA.jpeg 639A8B6F-A10A-4859-9727-8FADA9116D72.jpeg
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  2. hi reggie ,,for some reason cant get you pictures when i click on link ,,mac,,
    ps keep getting error saying dont have permission to view page
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  3. Using the 'upload a file' button seems to work today.
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  4. It worked when I made the thread not sure what happened but pics are working now
  5. I see them!
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  6. Oh I vote to give them a few days to try to adjust themselves... THEN decide.
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  7. Yeah I wasn’t going to make any final decisions for a few days. Moving the pins and putting them back in the plants leaves twist and curl with stress for a few days then come good again. Same as transplanting them.
  8. hi reggie the pictures are up now so what ever you did was right ,,,,plants looking good and healthy mate ,,,,mac,
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  9. Thanks mate. They look good today not much twisting or curling. How much longer do you think I should veg them for?
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  10. thats a weird question reggie ,,ive grown green crack and it did stretch but not too much but more than an indica does so if you have not go the head room dont veg for to long ,but really i cant really say only that it will stretch ,,lol,,reckon youve probably grown weed that stretches more ,,so you'l cope ok mate ,,,,sorry not much help ,,mac,
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  11. Yeah I know it’s a “how longs a piece of string” question. I’ve got a 3x3x6 and they are only a foot high (on top of mesh) maybe so I do have some head room. Yeah my last grow stretched a fair bit. I’ll just keep an eye on them until the canopy fills most of the tent then I’ll flip.
  12. i also had a green crack X g13haze ,,that didnt stretch has much as i thought it would ,,but both strains were A1 for high and stone ....mac,
    PS i sent some GC X G13 haze to a guy in south Africa who Xd then with Swazi ,,,grow massive plants outside ,,mac
  13. Some new pics since re pinning them down. And just added my new tube heater.
    A8469C2E-4E24-4D9F-BA69-7B2D6FDEE468.jpeg 02C673EA-6D45-4D3F-81FB-09580E67E0A0.jpeg 71FED5E9-140B-44F9-91BD-28D0EB85BB44.jpeg FAF9F18C-63E4-4330-8587-5296888D824E.jpeg

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