Plant Too Tall

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LucaBrazi, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. upgrade this small cage or dig a hole in the lawn put the plant with the pot in the hole and you will have more space on the top of this small cage
  2. I like the idea of mosquito netting. I need to remember that. Good idea.
  3. I thought about a hole...or maybe getting some pavers and putting the net on top of them.
  4. that should work
  5. But if I topped it wouldn't that stop the upward growth and thicken it a bit?
  6. I prefer fix the box, if you topped other branch will grow and reach the top again or the side
  7. I vote for making a larger cage.
    You won't want your buds laying against the sides of the cage when they start putting on weight.
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  8. I would expect it to slow down the upward growth somewhat.
    I would also expect any thickening to start at the point where you do the cutting.
    Probably going to start flowering in a month anyways. There's not a "whole lot" of veg time left to grow too much taller after cutting.
    And keep in mind, when it does start to flower, growth will stretch for about 2 weeks.

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