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  1. Hello stoner hippies!
    So I planted this blue dream in late April and it has been growing like crazy since. Right now its over 3 meters tall and still growing like 20 cm a week and it's early July now so it has like 3 months of growing left. If it continues growing at this pace it will soon be visable from the road. Why do you guys think it's growing so much? I dont think it's streching because it has about 10 hours of direct sunlight daily so I dont know what the problem is. I even fimmed it a couple of times and that helped but not enough. I dont reallly wanna top it tho and there is not enough space to bend it.
    From your experience how much more will it grow during flower? What do you think the yield can be?
    Cheers and happy smoking hippies!

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  2. 1st of Aug the days will have shortened enough to trigger flower and she'll finish mid to late Oct.

    Pliers and crush the main stem for about 12 inches and bend her over mid way. The crush zone acts as a strain relief and it won't snap. Fluids will flow past the crush and she'll keep growing on the horizontal.....

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  3. Pinch her and bend her over, she won’t mind :passtheshit:
  4. If you’re really worried about it you can chop that bitch in half. It’ll continue to do its thing.
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  5. How can it get 10 hours of direct light but not have room to bend it over?
  6. I dont have enough fence (there are a lot of deer) and there is a tree on the north side.
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  7. Thanks I will try that. How much do you think she can yield?
  8. dont count your chickens before they hatch. if all goes well, you will get alot. focus on all going well.
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