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Plant to tall

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NaTeFx48, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all so im a very beginner grower if that makes sense. Ive managed to get my plant to this stage with ease except for the fact my plant seems to have stretched to far before producing leaves. Its top heavy and if i get any water on the leaves while watering it wants to fall over. However when i very carefully dry the leaves with a paper towel it will stay tall and proud. My question is can i put say a popsicle stick in the soil and loosely put some string around the stem to help support it? Or will this mess up the growth rate? Also any advice is greatly appreciated! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Yea you can stick something in the soil to prop it up. I wouldn't use wood because it absorbs moisture and rots pretty quickly. I usually use a plastic knife from a take away restaurant. You can also bury more of the stem to decrease its height. The real issue is why is it stretching so much. What kind of light are you using and how far away is it from the top of the leaves?
  3. Plant needs more/closer lights in the future.
  4. Lower the lights close to the plant raise it as it grows the plant is trying to reach light

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  5. I WAS using a high pressure sodium bulb but i then switched over to a CFL today. Also i was wondering what you guys thought of the plant so far? Have i started out okay? Is there potential?

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  6. Pretty sure HPS are for flowering and metal halide are for vegging. Just stick the CFLs 2-3" from plant
  7. I gotcha thanks a bunch guys!!

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  8. Na I use HPS for both veg and flower and get amazing results you just have to be able to get rid of the heat and have your light as low as possible without burning your plants, a good indication is put ur hand palm up on top of your plants if ur wrist burns/ is to hot lift your lights :) everything depends on strain etc but it all looks good so far man
  9. Putting a little breeze on them help to make them stronger, shorter. I hope this helps
  10. First thing you should do is repot into a non clear container bury the plant lower since your stem is already put a fan in the room so the stem gets stronger ideally the top should just be slightly moving. And lastly even if you have an hps it better then cfl and will infact veg a cannabis plant...if you stay with the cfls i would put them alot closer so your stem doesnt end up so lonh again

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  11. Looks like it's stretching for light which is pretty common. Can you put it closer to the light. You desperately need to repot it into a container that is not clear. Roots need total darkness to grow and be healthy and that thing you've got it planted in looks clear to me. You also need some better soil for it to grow in or at least mix in a bunch of perlite with what you're using. You need about a 60/40 mix soil/perlite to keep the environment nice and arid for the roots to easily spread and water to drain nicely. You have to have defined wet/dry cycles with these to keep them healthy. The roots do not like sitting around in constant moisture all the time. If the container doesn't feel like it did when you put dry soil in it originally, it's not time to water and don't. You also need to have a way to manage the pH of the liquids going into your plant. The range for soil is 6.3 to 6.7 and not adjusting to this range will lock up the roots on your plant and it can't take in nutrition.
    But as far as the stretching goes, you need to get it closer to the light or the light closer to it, put more soil in the container down around the stem to give it some support but repot into better mixed soil and better container asap. You could really help yourself out by doing some serious reading in the new grower threads here. There are a few basics that every grower needs to know and these posts were created for the new inexperienced grower and contain all the reliable info you need to get started with. Good luck! TWW
  12. Hey wow thank you all i shall repot in a couple hours to a non clear pot. Also maybe i should take a trip to my local garden center. Thank you all very much!!

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  13. What happens if the soil pH is like 7 or maybe even a little more? I have a soil Guage that has a needle that moves when u put the tester in the dirt and it measured around 7. The FFOF soil should be adjusting the pH for me, no?

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  14. I realized a few days back that i shouldnt hae vegged with a hps, the plant just keeps stretching check out what i mean i got a string monster lol: [​IMG]


  15. I use T5 to Veg, But HPS for a week or so at 24hr before the flip, Genes play a part, but "Wind" and "Sun" (light distance) makes a big diff on height. You can still LST and manage that. I hope this helps


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