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  1. Hello America,
    I have joined this forum to begin a movement. We all know how ridiculous current Marijuana laws are and YOU can change things. All of us, together!! As the title of this post suggests PLANT THEM EVERYWHERE!! Not only that, post this message everywhere!! Every forum you can think of, U-Tube it, copy it leave it in public places when no one is around. OUR government has forgotten who really runs this country and maybe we have too. Join me friends, let's relearn the power of the people. Who can say, one small movement could teach us the skills we need to reclaim America. Stand together! MOMS
  2. If I smoked bud that had seeds in it I totally would. As chance would have it, I only smoke sensimilla, so unfortunately I have no seeds to plant.
  3. K. Draw a five fingered leaf, type PLANT THEM EVERYWHERE!! at the bottom, run off ten copies and the next time you go out of the house leave them somewhere that people can find them!
  4. you mean like this?

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  5. once again...your supposed to plant hemp seeds not marijuana seeds.
  6. Welcome to GC, you sound like you're ready to do a little planting, I'd wait until spring though. The movement has been in existence for years, and it is a growing (no pun intended) force. Keep up the good thoughts!
  7. I have a gallon bucket that's about 3/4 filled with seeds that I've accumulated over the years... I dunno how many of them are still good, but I think once the next growing season starts Im just gonna drive down the road chucking handfuls of em out the window.

    But really, this is a pretty simple concept. Sure, MJ is illegal. But what would law enforcement do if all of a sudden it became native to the USA? Damn, that would rock. Too bad its a seasonal plant.
  8. over how many years? depends where you kept the bucket...seeds usually last around 2-3 yrs and thats when you keep them in cool dark place.
  9. next spring i know what im gonna do, this winter ill grow a male and female specifically for getting seeds to plant, and at one time it was native to america, alaska use to have its own native strain im sure you've heard of it. where i live if i planted hundreds of plants all over i dont think people would do anything the laws and people are so laxed here its great.
  10. we have native/wild plants in quebec called m39 cold or some name like that
  11. Yeh, Spaz has a LOT of seeds. I got a freezer bag STUFFED full of seeds from over the years...

    Kept them in the best conditions I could. Since I'm done smoking... I'm gonna spread it around. I'll plant EVERY single seed here in New Jersey. The laws here are so not chill, they suck. Hopefully they root, and spread. That would be wonderful!
  12. thats what i used to do when i was in high school...plant the few seeds i get in the spring and bam...fall harvest in some dude's back yard or on the side of a road at night
  13. Do more than just toss them. Hell, take a walk through a wooded area, drag a stick in the dirt. Place seeds in new trench, cover with .5" of dirt. A tad bit of water and let nature go.

    It only takes 2 plants to turn your local wooded area into a "grass city"
  14. Damn, I tried this on here recently

    Didn't get but 1 reply.

    Yes, I plan on doing this next spring. I'm aiming for the wildflower refuges that are protected along the interstates. I'm going to distibute them out the window of my moving Semi via water balloons. I drive at night, and there are at least 50 of these areas along my route. No witnesses at 3am. I already have made a couple test throws. At 45 mph, I can sidearm out the passenger side window with some accuracy. I can land the balloon close enough for the bursting of the balloon to spread them nicely. I will do it in the other areas I mentioned in my thread also.
  15. great idea. as soon as i get a lot of seeds im doin this. well, next spring
  16. That's a pretty good idea. The only problem is I don't think I'm the only person that if I saw a marijuana plant on the side of the road I'd dig it up and take it home.

    ^^i posted this idea a while ago^^

    i recommend you read that thread and see how badly some people bitched me out with totally whack arguments.

    the weed will hurt kids - kids don't know how to dry and cure the weed, or cook it into butter, eating weed strait from the plant is totally safe, all be it retarded.

    It would throw off the natural ecosystem - ganja is native to all the lower 48 states, its not a going to throw any thing off, if any thing its going to help the natural ecosystem.

    i sort of gave up on that thread, powerful forum member thought it was a bad idea, altho some members did come to my defence.

  18. I guess they want it to remain hidden. As far as kids go, parents are supposed to watch their children. If a parent lets their child pick a plant that is growing along an interstate, that's one fucked up parent.

    I don't think that the idea of it is to give people free weed. It's to drive the cops crazy in an attempt to destroy it all. Keep them busy along the highways and byways instead of people's homes. It's supposed to be planted in public, for all to see. Most police stations have nice landscaping near the sidewalk. I know my city does. It's downtown, and 100's of people walk past all day and night. It wouldn't be too hard to just casually drop a couple beans here and there in the spring.

    For the interstate, I'll use water balloons at night to disburse them. Most states have protected wildflower areas along their highways. Those are my targets.

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