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Plant that smells like weed?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Noam_Chomsky, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. Is there a plant that smells kinda like weed? The reason I ask, which may seem obvious, like if some one said "hey whats that smell" and I would say, "ohh that's plant X".

    I'm thinking about moving my grow to a more accessible area. And if a plant smells kinda like another plant this would help explain to others.

  2. If it's an outdoor grow, tell em that skunks live near it.

    If it's indoor, buy a pet skunk.
  3. Skunk Cabbage, can smell like some skunky weed.

    Grow some skunk beside some skunk cabbage
  4. Tell them it's what kittens smell like when they decompose. They won't stick around long enough to find out you're growing weed. Or just get a carbon filter (or make your own, do a search)
  5. Sky Pilot!
    It's a purple flower by the name of "Polemonium eximium".
    Smells just like weed.
    I was camping in Colorado, smelled it immediately & thought I'd found a crop. :p
    Really strong smell.
    Hope that helps. :p

  6. He is absolutely right, my dad grew this next to the house/mixed in with the garden to hide the smell when HE smoked.

    When I started smoking I'd walk by and get surprised cause it always smelled like weed next to my house and I never knew why until I heard about that flower.

  7. wiki says it smells of urine :D
  8. Trust me.
    Unless your weed smells like piss.. :p
    Just go to home depot and smell them, your mouth will water.
  9. Cat nip mint. Every time I work in that part of my yard I start looking around for who's toking a bowl. The construction workers that did our siding recently noticed it too because they had to walk through it a lot where they were working.
  10. I got some evergreen type trees that smell like fresh herb imo.
  11. Get plants that will help cover the smell, gypsum basil mint especialy it'll grow like crazy if you let it, but when you trim it it smells even more. There's more smelly plants you can do as well just do a google search

  12. This is true, i have come across this plant and it smells allot like weed.

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