Plant stunted 4 weeks in flower

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  1. I am currently growing a ny sour d & Chem 4 clone and one random seed that turned out to be a female so I kept it and it's almost done with it's 4th week of flower and still looks only to be pre flowers...any ideas? It was mag deficientcys for a long time and still has some deficientcys signs on it but not nearly as much so I'm thinking either that stunted it and or it's only in a 3 gal bucket so root bound possibly? The other two are starting to flower out nicely and this one has had little too no growth in the past 2 and a half weeks id say
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  2. Base nutes I'm using foxfarms big bloom @ 20ml per gal and tiger bloom @ 10ml per gal

    Additives: bud candy at 7ml per gal
    & I'll use a shot of cal mag every so often 1-3ml per gal

    Ph is always around 6.2-6.8

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  3. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414796447.895742.jpg

    this is a shot of the chem 4

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  4. *ny sour d, my bad

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    Looks like your ph is too high or you've added something a that's locking out your micronutrients. See how some of the leaves fingers are bent at right angles...that's the money shot.

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    PH should be 6.5 in soil bro

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    When you say your your ph is 6.2 -6.8 is that run off or the solution itself prior to feeding.
    How do you it water water feed? Or water feed water feed? Or is it feed feed feed flush? I think you get the idea..need more information but I think your plants are being overfed.
  6. Solution itself, and I water dry feed water dry feed.

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