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  1. Ok Question: My plants are growing slow. I'll admit my patience is low and so growing is even that much harder but my plants havent been growing. They are still babies i guess cause their only an inch or 2 with 4 legit leaves.
    I have my CLF's about 3 inches from my plants. They are also turning a lighter green color which i think is a PH problem but my PH is at 6.4 and isnt that like ok PH level?

    maybe i'm just overthinking this whole thing but they are like family now and im not willing to let them die
  2. sorry, kinda high and totally forgot to ask what i wanted to tho. if a plant stretches, will it still branch out or is that whole stretched stem going to only be stem. cause i'm thinking of putting my lights up a little hgiher but dont want them to stretch if its just going to be stem.
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    You left out a bunch of information we need to help you. Are you growing soil or hydro? What soil, nutrients are you using? You could probably put the CFLs closer but that is likely not your issue. Incorrect pH will stunt growth, yellowing of the leaves is often a sign of a pH issue. If you are growing soil 6.5-6.8 is optimum, for hydro it is lower 5.5-5.8. How old are these plants?

    EDIT: What wattage and how many CFL are you using?

    Hope this was helpful.
  4. It is just going to be stem. Keep the lights as close as possible to keep the nodes tight and get dense delicious buds. CFLs can be put very very close to the plant, if you get a fan blowing over them you can even put them _in_ the canopy.
  5. Ya. sorry. im using an organic soil and im not using any nutes. how can i lower my PH?
  6. Well 6.4 in soil isn't going to cause any negative effects in your plant, however you are going to need to feed your plants nutrients now that they are starting to veg if your soil doesn't have any in it.
  7. What should my nutes be in a range of? i know u need it high in nitrogen. anything eles?
  8. There are multi-part kits that you buy and there are instructions on the side of the bottle. I'm not actually sure off the top of my head exact amounts nor can I recommend a brand, I use general hydroponics in my bubble bucket but I imagine soil uses different nutrients.

    Wish I could be more helpful!
  9. ok. its all good. thanks for the help
  10. Anytime, friend. That's the whole point :)

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