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    Think my plants will stretch alot if they veg with light thru a window? Im growing Northern Lights (Nirvana)

    Normal size window... bout 3ft wide 5ft high... 2 side by side... 4 plants.... id have them pretty much even with the window seal...

    I might end up putting them outside eventually to veg... then take clones back inside... idk yet... If I can get away with keeping them by the window id prefer that.
  2. not enough information
  3. so you are not supplementing the window light?

    I think you should probably consider the opposite, get some cfl's and use the window to supplement them. You need at least 18 hours of light to stay in veg. Assuming these are not auto.
  4. No I was not planning on supplementing the light. I did go and buy 4400 lumens of CFL in 4 lights. 5500K. today though. so i guess i cld use them. I was hoping I could get away with just the window light until my cab is rdy. ~bout 2 weeks on that one though.

    they just came up outta the dirt today.. all 4 on the same day.. :) sweet :hello:

    They are sitting on my weight bench right now with 3 of them lights on them..

    The days are L O N G here right now... so they will get enough light "time" to stay in veg... Im really just gonna use them to take clones from.. sex em.. then take more clones and find a MuM :smoking:
    So will just the window light allow me to accomplish growing them out for the clones... Ima take and put the clones in my cab
  5. I dont know man. In college a grew a couple of bag seeds in a window and they got pretty big before they went male. But I dont know what the time frame was like. I tried grow a couple in a window a few years ago and they stretched and died. I would say just keep an eye on them maybe.
  6. Think Im gonna use the CFL for abt a week.. them im slowly move them outside.... bring the clones back inside for good....

    rly these are the only plants i want to do this way.. everything after this will be done in the cab...
  7. seedlings can live in a window for a week or so, but no it's not enough light. They will stretch if you try to veg them completely in a window, and you will not be happy. Close nodes is what you want, and you need light to do that.

    buds only form at nodes, the more nodes the better, up to a point.

    the problem with windows is that there is no diffused sunlight coming from anywhere except a tiny hole in your wall, plus depending on the direction of your window, you may or may not get any direct sunlight. Then it's only going to be for 1/3 of a day. Also if you have UV protected windows, you'll be defeating yourself from the start.

    You would be better off planting it in full shade than in a window getting partial sunlight. I know that's probably not relevant but it's true.

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