Plant stopped growing, curling down

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  1. HELP me save the plant.

    I seeded 3 Easyryders (autoflowering) plants, ThaiHaze skunk 5 seeds, all fems...

    Anyway, ideal conditions, all plants grow normal. Same soil, same water, same all for all plants. This sick plant was the first one to sprout and was the biggest at first 4-5 days. Then it suddenly stoppped growing, and leaves started curling down. I grow in the room, same conditions for all plants, same ammount of water, and other plants are well.

    Here are the pics, only one of the plants is sick under same conditions,
    please if someone had such experience, let me know.

    The first pic is SICK plant. Other pics are there for you to see that others are in ok shape.


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  2. Okay, first things first... Why do you have pictures of men taped to your pots? :eek:

    Moving on... your 'sick' plant does not really look that sick. Each one of your plants will have slightly different requirements when it comes to watering, feeding, etc. So one larger lowryder may require a little more water than a smaller one. You get the picture.

    Anyway, I would keep doing what you are doing. That plant may have been a little under/over watered, but it's really tough to tell.
  3. Dam thats a good eye you got there TitaniumFox, I wouldn't have even noticed it if it wasn't pointed out lol. :smoking:
  4. lawl:smoking::smoking::smoking: i would prefer little hoolah girls haha :p

    anyways, your overwatering, just cut back on watering for about 4 days, and make sure you water just enough to where some of the water drops out through drainage holes. only water ever 3-4 days or if about half way down into your pot is dry. and dont forget to nute, if you havent yet then start half strength, if you have then mix properly and check soil ph constantly
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    So i remember my plants better since i cycle them arround. Every plant, different jersey.

    So, you reckon my plant is ok? damn, the difference is huge between plants that are seeded on same day.

    It is not underwatered. Maybe overwatered only, but i doubt. I am letting her dry a bit for the 4th day today so i will see.

    More suggestions welcome.

    And those are football players.:smoke:

    I am not gay.
  6. Damn, I found out that the holes on the bottom of that pot were so tiny and no water ever went thru down, i guess....! Now i drilled several holes and see if that will save the plant. I already let her dry for the 4th day today. I will see. I hope the holes were the problem. Even, the upper half od the soil was mainly dry when i stick my finger in it. Lets wait a bit and see.
  7. Yeah, huge problem if the water can't drain out... your soil will turn to shit and the roots will rot in the moisture.
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    Easyryders are on week 3 and a half. One started flowering. Arround 20 little bud places. ;)
    The ThaiHazexSkunk is in week 3 and waiting to see if any of 5 seeded ones comes out to be female since i got them as a gift when purchasing easyryders so i dont know what they are..

    The Easyryders are FIMMED. Now, i dont know the difference because this is my first grow. but I tried to do fimming for more tops. We will see in a week how it went

    The sick plant recovered after i drilled more holes on the bottom of pot. Now she is small, but strong and startig to grow again. It wont be a big plant but will have some buds at least.

    See some fresh pics.

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