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Plant Stopped Flowering? PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tr1ck_, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Hi, My plant was growing very rapidly its whole life until about 3-4 weeks into flowering, then it stopped, its now almost 6 weeks and the buds have not grown at all the cola seems to have stopped forming also. Here are a few pics. The soil and water are fine and have been used before, the ferts were also used last grow, its getting 10-52-10 right now for flowering and it was getting 30-10-10 for veg. If you need any other information or pictures just ask.

  2. Are you sure it's dark cycle was interrupted, that will definately stop flowering for a few days or weeks.
  3. Yes my other plant is still growing fine which is what is baffling me, everything is identical in their settup, however the one that stopped is about 6 inches taller.
  4. yes looks like light is leaking in your space or dark period being interupted.

    maybe its also stunted, and rootbound, but we cant tell pot size from this picture.
  5. I am 99% sure there has been no light leak also like I said the other plant is growing fine. The pots are rectangular 2.5 gallon white pots. The plant which stopped growing is approximately 3 feet 3 inches tall and the other plant is about 2 feet 9 inches tall. They are under a 250 watt HPS, a 150 watt MH, 3 cfl's and a blacklight :)
  6. 1 thing your black light wont do anything for your plant. Unless your using it for illumination during its dark cycle.

    I'm not a expert of any sort. but it seems to me the taller a plant gets the deeper its roots delve to find water/nutrients so perhaps your taller plant (the one that stopped growing correct?) Has probably out grown its pot.
  7. Yup,
    You are out of pot room. Figure about a foot in height per gallon of pot and you are lucky that you got an extra 6 inches. They will not grow anymore in height. They should slowly start to fill out though. I say slowly because this looks like a Sativa dominant which means it might not do most of its bud developement until late in flower.
  8. Should I transplant or is it too late? Also the plant is going to be even more messed up after today/tomorrow. The power in my basement went out today, so lights were off a good 2 hours earlier than normal today because of that, then when power came back on after the plants had been in dark for like 5 hours the light flicked on because the timer was still on day cycle. I dont know if it helps or not but I got them shut off within half a second max because I was about 1 foot away when it happened. Now the power is back out and for good, so im back to extension chords. Also tomorrow a housing inspector is coming so I have to shut the lights off when he comes into my room so he cant see the closet glow. I think what I have now is what I might get for bud haha.
  9. Also in a sativa dominated plant how long roughly do you think flowering will take, I checked the pistils under a 100x microscope and its all pure white nothing has clouded yet.
  10. a second or two of lightshouldn't hurt it at all. 12-14 weeks?
  11. Ok, so I just checked and this plant has actually been in flowering exactly 60 days now. Longer than I had previously thought. So 8.5 weeks down, 3.5-5.5 left? Damn Sativas.....
  12. In my opinion, it is too late to transplant, that would delay harvest and you already delayed it with the power outage. During critical phases of flower, especially early on, even a flicker of bright light can revert it back to veg. 12-14 wees is not out of the realm of possibilities. Do you know what strain?
  13. Supposedly it is mango mist..... but who knows
  14. Well I don't know what mango mist is but mango is pure indica. Based on those pictures there is mostly sativa in it. So I can't be sure when harvest is. You want to check the tricholms not the pistils. The pistils will start to turn brown; its the THC crystals that you are concerned about. If there are indeed trichs on it,I would not disturbe them transplanting. If you knock off enough, it won't matter that the plant gained more height. Next time transplant to a bigger pot after sexing. Just my opinion however.
  15. To check the trich's all I do is put a pistil under the microscope and look at the little globs that stick out correct? If so they are all still 100% clear.
  16. are the 30-10-10 and 10-52-10 ferts I used for both this and my last grow fine? or should I get new ones for the next time around?

  17. The pistils are those little white V's that are what you look at to I.D. females. To see the trichs, take off a small piece of bud and look at that with at least 10x power. The trichs are those little things that look like mushrooms. If they are all clear, it is nowhere near ready yet. As for your fert question, I thing your veg food is fine but in my opinion your flower fert has too much P in it. I am curious to know what Dier has to say about that. Maybe he will comment.
  18. In your opinions what would be thre 2 perfect ferts for veg and flower? I think I'll try to get some better stuff for next time :)
  19. Hey buddy.
    I am not an expert in fertilizer however I use some hydroponic stuff that is good for soil hydro and soil-less mediums. It works pretty well and for veg is 20-9-12 and flower is about 9-20-12. Organic is also good. I think I might do that next. Bat guano is what I will get and it is Mexican and Jamaican guano that is good. One is for flower and one for veg, I forget which is which. Check out these at this site http://www.insidesun.com/index.php?action=category&id=12 and http://www.insidesun.com/index.php?action=category&id=4 Let me know what you think. I think they should all be good since they are used for what we are growing.

  20. I have an unrelated question about this plant. What might be causing the leaves to curl down like this? The last plant I grew did this and I was just wondering if it was some kind of deficiency or something.

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